Cavedoni Botte Piccola Italian Balsamic

For the record: everybody’s favorite tiny bottle of Balsamic: $39.99.

Nectar of the gods

Just started using it. Amazing stuff at great price.

This may be a silly question seeing as this is an aged product - but how long is this balsamic good if the bottle is not opened and it’s in the original packaging?

While cleaning, I came across one that I bought a few years ago but have never opened. A nice surprise.

Decades, most likely.

A story you don’t care about: I was just pouring out the dregs of the last of the bottles I bought 2 years ago and thinking “I never have time to check woot these days. Who knows when I will get more of this?”

And then I logged on because I needed batteries and y’all ALWAYS seem to have batteries and… well, I now believe in god.

(So, to those of you who haven’t bought it before, obviously, it is worth it.)

In for TWO… again. :slight_smile: