Cavedoni Botte Piccola Italian Balsamic

Cavedoni Botte Piccola Italian Balsamic
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Cavedoni Botte Piccola Balsamic, 250ml

Oh nice its been a while since my last purchase of this stuff. In for the max! Hope this makes the transition to the next endeavor too.

This stuff is so good. I love to hollow out strawberries with a straw and putting a little of this inside and have people pop it in their mouths.

This stuff is awesome on real vanilla ice cream!

Better grab ‘em while you can.

I wish we could get more than 2.

Everytime this comes up I want it. I am buying it this time!

I tried, but I’m told it’s sold out already!

edit - must have been a glitch. It went through on my second attempt.

I was just looking for this the other day. Amazon came up with a price of $58 from some other seller, and (thankfully) I wasn’t willing to pay the price.

This price? Time to restock!!!

I am glad this is back again as my inventory is running low. This is an automatic buy. There is no comparing this to the cheap stuff.

Just an FYI for people.

My opinion (YMMV, etc.) This is a finishing dressing, not something to use in salad dressings, or where it will cook down. It takes us about a year and half to go through a bottle, with careful use. It ages and thickens and gets even more syrupy and delicious.

I’ve compared this to “traditional” IGP certified balsamic, and I prefer this one over the others for a finishing drizzle. Mmm, a finishing drizzle on a prosciutto, goat cheese and arugula pizza…

Dilly Dilly!

I use this as a finishing for a ton of things. I especially like it over garlic couscous, but will drizzle it over veggies, bread, etc. It’s thick and rich and reminds me almost of a reduction.

The packaging also makes it a great gift for a foodie. I tend to keep a bottle for myself and a bottle in my gift closet.

It was an easy max out purchase for me.

Moving qty limit to 3. fyi

SURPRISE! We usually limit you to 2-per-person on this stuff, but we’ve upped the limit to 3. Tell your friends.

You can always create more than one account :slight_smile:

$40 for 8 oz of balsamic vinegar would suggest its the real thing.

And not adulterated like 75% of Italian Olive Oil. (Ref: Extra Virginity)

My first introduction to Real Balsamic Vinegar was with this producer. I now switched to Rossi Barattini brand, the 6 year aged is amazing and so is the 12 year. check out and reviews on amazon, you cant go wrong


(Thank you)