Cavedoni Botte Piccola Italian Balsamic

I turned woot’s twitter alerts on just for this.

Ran out of my last bottle months ago & have been pining for the stuff.

(I wish we could buy more than 3!)

This is literally the only thing I buy on woot anymore.

yea, this stuff is so good.

$39.99 for just over 1 cup? I’m sure it’s delicious, but it seems really expensive.

I bought 2 when it was recently offered. This stuff is amazing and I sure hope it migrates from wine.woot to another category so it remains available at a discount in the future.

Maybe your alter-ego could buy it (if you let it use your other credit card)?

Does it matter if you leave the little cork spout on all the time or should you always put the regular cork back in to keep things air tight?

We tried leaving the spout in, and fruit flies love the stuff. That was a very, very sad day.

I always put the cork back in. I suspect that over time constant exposure to air would reduce the quality of the vinegar. That and I’d prefer not to attract any insects that might also love the stuff.

Cork spout with press and seal wrap!!

Only(finally) went in on this stuff because I was just talking to wifey how an oxidized bottle of 33 y/o Bordeaux I just opened this week smelt like balsamic vinegar. And she said balsamic vinegar is gross. This is going in her stocking for Xmas. Hehe

This is terrible news. That’s what I get for showing up here once every three or four months and asking myself, “I wondering if there’s any balsamic today?”

I second the call for hoping this migrates over to another part of the site.

I’ve been sparingly using my bottle I got a while back since I’ve always missed out when these go on sale. Got 3 - one for me and two as gifts. Yay!

It shouldn’t :slight_smile: real balsamic is actually kept in open barrels – the holes up top are covered with lace cloth. Now, this is not quite that stuff… but I still believe it’ll be fine. I keep mine with the spout cork.

Definitely don’t look at prices of the really really good balsamic! :slight_smile:

Like Now that better be truly extraordinary!

Vanilla ice cream without it just ain’t the same anymore…