Cavedoni Botte Piccola Italian Balsamic

I am in for 2. This is a great value. This jewel is hard to find and I can’t believe I was up late tonight and checked the site. Karma Man.

A great value. Highly recommend.

Producer’s website. (In Italian.)

Botte Piccola = Small Bottle

Couldn’t get us the big bottles, WD? :wink:


Oh man, and just when I am thinking of making this strawberry-balsamic ice cream using these amazing hybrid (of conventional and wild) organic, supersweet intensely flavoured and almost herbal-tangy strawberries from my farmer’s market. I had given up on ice cream making because I don’t have a machine but a friend has a fancy one and is willing to lend it to me, in exchange for donuts and pastries (I have a deep fryer and make a ton of tarts and pies).

And I was like…but the balsamic vinegar I have on hand right now is not superb (though perfectly delicious), maybe I should get that really great stuff I sometimes get…

/drunken rambling


Man, I want to be in on this, but I’m not really a foodie, have never used balsamic vinegar before (although, somewhat ironically, I have been looking at some at my grocery store), but I’m not sure I have access to good enough foods here in Middle of Nowhere, North Dakota to make such a purchase worthwhile. Can anyone suggest some ways I could utilize this (and thus make sense of a purchase that I predicted)?

In for 3. I can’t resist the option of kickin’ balsamic. Perhaps a cheese will pop up in the next few days to pair with it.


Probably 1 or 2 to be used as gifts for fellow gourmets. Looks like it’s time to start kicking it up a notch and break out my French cookbook again.

Translation service available here. Donations accepted. (It doesn’t say much more than the woot description but I’ll read more tomorrow)

balsamic vinaigrette?

Might be blasphemy with something this good (like making Mimosas with Dom). A little bit of balsamic in olive oil with minced garlic makes a great dipping sauce for warmed bread.

Tranlated (poorly) here.

A sign indeed! I was just at the farm market over by the UN today and saw they had strawberries back this week. Should have bought some. Oh wait this won’t be here in time anyway oh well. Oh but a labrat bottle will hmm.

you can do wonderful stuff with Balsamic Vinegar. Rub it into a tenderloin roast with rosemary, salt, pepper, and thyme and put whole cloves of garlic into slits in the roast and broil it. It’s amazing.

I also make a great Asian dish with Balsamic Vinegar and Hoisin Sauce (and a touch of soy sauce) as the base while I cook onions and mushrooms with either keilbasa (odd I know, but believe me, it’s to die for) or chicken or pork. Really simple usages and nearly no measuring for such concoctions.

For the people new to balsamic: Article on wikipedia

Google Translation:

Balsamici of Modena

The Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Cavedoni is a product totally genuine, dark, fragrant and full of flavors and essences odorous that derive from grapes from Trebbiano and wood barrels in which rests.

The Balsamico Cavedoni is characterized by balanced combination of sweet with agro and his extraordinary alchemy is formed to slow aging of cooked typical castelvetresi vines, carefully blended with the right doses of natural wine vinegar.

Seriously? Just drizzle a bit over some summer tomatoes. Pour some out on a plate with some good olive oil (you’ll have to buy that too) and dip crusty bread into it. There are more creative things you can do, but these should get you started…


Fresh warm Bread with Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar(BV)

Sliced Tomatos with chopped onions, Olive Oil (OO), and BV

Sliced Cucumbers with onions, OO, and BV

I know wine.woot can’t ship to many states due to certain (bad) state laws, but does this law extend to balsamic vinegar?

Because I’ll buy one for sure, if I can.

The maker’s site recommends not cooking it. Not to say that it wouldn’t be awesome in those dishes, but it’d be kind of like sauteing with high quality, extra virgin olive oil. Maybe drizzle it on those dishes just before serving. Or have it with strawberries for dessert. Or drizzled over really good ice cream. Or just drink it.

No booze = no state ship-to limitations.

NJ, MA, AZ, etc.; have at it!

Wow, I was already crushing on you just from the little Nessie shirt :slight_smile: