Cavedoni Botte Piccola Italian Balsamic

Damn. Two in a row. We have more than half a bottle left, but this is fantastic and should keep a long time unopened. Umm, umm, good.

I got this the last time it was available on wine woot and it is pretty amazing stuff. I recommend it.

HAHa, not enough for the price…

I’m new to the “gourmet basalmic vinegar” world, all I really know is it exists, and can be complex LIKE wine.

What kinds of meals or uses would I have with this stuff? How do you use it?

Worth it?

I’ve gotten pretty good aged balsamic (10-year) elsewhere for a fraction of the price (like $20-25 for 500ml). Is this stuff really a big step up in quality/taste compared to the average 7-10yr aged balsamic one can find in the marketplace?

Actually it cost $40 with shipping, which means it will set you back $5 an ounce.

Ditto. I save it and drizzle it over vanilla ice cream. My wife thinks I’m nuts. Oh well, more for me.

I’m gonna get me all plastered up on this stuff! Wooo! Shots!

Do they ship to Michigan… :smiley:

I hate vinegar and I don’t really like balsamic, but I love this over vanilla ice cream.

Buy it! Buy it! I doubt you will regret it. It is nectar. It isn’t vinegar as you know it.

This is fortuitous, because I just used the last of my Christmas woot bottle last night.

I love it with tomatoes.

Are you kidding?? $35 bones for vinegar. PAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

This balsamic is NOTHING like you’d put on salad. To start with, REAL aged balsamic is sweet. Yes, there’s acidity there, but it’s not intended for “normal” vinegar uses. It’s usually aged a minimum of 14 years. This stuff is intended to be used as a sauce. You can use this with fruits, ice creams, veggies, even as a component in more complex sauces. It’s worth it.

P.S. - When tasting, don’t use a metal spoon. Ruins the taste of the vinegar.

On vanilla ice cream. (No, really.)

On salad.

In delicious Olio Nuvo which, sadly, is not in season.

So, barring that, my favorite use is a simple one. Pour some nice olive oil in a saucer. Pour some of this in the center. Toast some bread and dip away.

For weeks after the Christmas woots I lived on this, Olio Nuvo, bread and cheese.

This stuff is incredible! Still more than half a bottle left, so I’ll pass this time. Lasts forever…

Amazing with cut up strawberries and black pepper. It’ll be summer soon, I promise!

Buy it–you won’t regret it…

In for 1. Wines.woot has not steered me wrong yet in the gourmet food department ( I can’t get any wines, seeing as I live in good old blue-law Connecticut). I’ve been thinking about buying a really good balsamic for a while now anyway.

Any other suggestions besides vanilla ice cream? I’ve had an open bottle of this stuff for like 6 months now but keep forgetting to use it.

They have this same bottle at our local market for $55. I’ve never seen it for sale anywhere else in the United States.