Cavedoni Botte Piccola Italian Balsamic

Cavedoni Botte Piccola Italian Balsamic
$34.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 1 Cavedoni Botte Piccola Italian Balsamic, 250 ml bottle

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This is better than all the Cosentino wines they could drag out. A must buy and I don’t have to wait until gift week this time.

OK, so more of you have got to taste this, from the last woot. Give us your notes. What makes it better? Is it really THAT good? Can’t I get away with some top end stuff from Whole Foods?

MMM mm! I got this back in '08 and it was pretty great. My whole family loved it, too.

We used it with strawberries and ice cream (sounds weird, but really good), for caprese salads, balsamic dressings… it’s perfect for almost anything (even just a spoonful plain!!).

I have ordered this from woot for over 2 years. I love it. It tastes great over anything. I have had it on strawberries, ice cream, and of course tomatoes and mozzarella. It is fantastic. I bought 3 bottles a few months ago. I about to finish the 2nd and start the 3rd. A little goes a long way. If you love fine balsamic, you will not be disappointed in this purchase. It is a 10 out of 10. Highly recommend this product.

Yeah, people say vinegar and ice cream? EWWW. but if the balsamic is REALLY good then the two are awesome!

Now I just have to decied if I’m in for one or two?

I bought this last time and it is fantastic - complex and caramel-y. It makes everything from fish to asparagus to strawberries more delicious and will make you look like a genius when you cook. You only need a tiny bit to add a lot of flavor, so it’s a better value than it seems.

This was my first foray into serious balsamic and I ended up spending twice as much on a less delightful vinegar when my bottle ran out.

In for sure.

In for 3!! Great balsamic and incredible on so many things. We love it on ice cream and blackberries! It also makes a great present.

Well what a fantastic surprise! In and in

Its comparable to the high end stuff at whole foods…only cheaper. :slight_smile:

It is pretty excellent stuff. Expensive, yes, but certainly of a quality and complexity that you don’t often see. It’s significantly nicer than the bottle of 25 year aged balsamic labeled by B.R. Cohn I have in my kitchen. Now that I’ve tasted this stuff, I’m really close to pulling the trigger, whereas previously I took one look and said “$40 balsamic?! Auto-pass!”

This vinegar is really wonderful. I’ve used it on steak, ice cream, and in vinaigrettes. It’s not for everyday, obviously, but really is worth having on hand for a special occasion. Highly recommended, and I’ll probably be picking up a bottle this time around.

I have come close to clicking the big yellow button for this one in previous offerings but I always convinced myself I didn’t need it. Well, this afternoon my bottle of traditional balsamic hit the last drop so this will be much easier to justify. Now I just need to hope that my wife doesn’t look at woot today and see the price!

C’mon… qualifty?

I want to buy this, but let’s run a spell check.

Am I missing something? Or is that just wrong?

Been waiting and waiting for this! In for THREE!

And yes… it is really THAT good. It’s smooth and buttery, sweet and sour, just lovely on about anything. I think I’d eat shoe leather if it was smothered in this stuff. I’ve tried to find something like this at the same cost many many times. Never can, probably never will. Buy it and don’t buy just one. Buy THREE!

I am always tempted to get this when it shows up on Wine.Woot but at $40 incl. shipping for 8.45 fluid ounces (one + slightly less than a half cup) of vinegar… ugh. Can it really be worth that much?

We gave a bottle of this stuff to my wife’s parents last Christmas. They ran out around April and ordered more over the internet the day they ran out for about $50.

This vinegar pours thick, and has an intense complex sweetness that is fantastic on a variety of foods. The first time I had it was at an Enoteca in Castellina in Chianti on a piece of hard cheese while tasting some local wines.

As to what makes it special over the high end stuff at Whole Foods I cannot answer, because I haven’t tried the high end stuff at Whole Foods. I have seen high end stuff at my local market, however, and it ranges from $30-$300 for a similarly sized bottle so it stands to reason that this bottle’s price is not out of line and is a substantial discount to what you (or my in-laws) would pay ordering it directly from Cavedoni.

I bought a bottle on the last go round and was a little let down actually. Its really interesting stuff, and I’ve never had anything like it. But it didn’t live up to the hype for me. It just has a flavor profile that makes it not very useful for most of my cooking.

Its really sweet and viscous, not much of that vinegar tang left. And has a thick smokiness to it. While interesting, it left me wondering what to do with it. I always use very nice balsamic and olive oil on my salads and this just doesn’t work at all for that. I find a few drops along with a more pedestrian vinegar gives a salad a nice accent though. Drizzle a bit over some sauteed veggies is nice, but it overpowers everything. Not subtle at all.

Anyway, this is high end stuff. And I respect it for what it is. But I just wanted to give a different perspective - it may not be for everyone. And its certainly not a replacement for standard $10 grocery store balsamic in your salads and recipes.


This really makes up for two long dog days. Thanks WD!

I have a really short memory :slight_smile: