Cavedoni Botte Piccola Italian Balsamic

What? and its not even Christmas yet!

This is REALLY good balsamic vinegar. I got some a few months back, and we use it for salad dressing alone, or when we have a recipe where the balsamic really matters.

I’d buy several if i didn’t currently have 5 different very good balsamic’s (including this one). It is one of my favorites.

This stuff is great. Gave my Dad one for Christmas last year, and he went through it within a month. Raved about it, and was a little disappointed (not rudely) when he didn’t get one for his birthday.
In for two. His Christmas shopping is done in September.
The other one is to share with my son, who loves the stuff as well. He’s leaving in November, and I’ll have some to share with him before he goes.

Buy it. Don’t ask questions. Buy it.

Hmm…a third-party seller on the mothership has it for $25 plus $10 shipping.

Still no wine woot-off purchases today. I’m afraid the new $5 per shipment rule did me in.

Last Year’s offer - Nov. 29, 2012.

Lots and lots of comments.

Comments include drizzling over strawberries and over vanilla ice cream. As well as some recipes.

In for 2!

Oh! Oh! Ohohoh!!! I hadn’t looked at WW this week and randomly decided to check while waiting for an answer to email and am so excited about the Cavedoni! I just used up my last bottle and was afraid I’d have to wait until December to buy more!

Yes, it’s that good!

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Actually it’s not the same. This is Botte Piccola, that one is Il Caratello (aged only 2 years). BP is aged for 8 years and is $58 plus $10 shipping.

il Caratello ≠ Bote Piccola

this is not the same:
IL CARATELLO Balsamic Vinegar 250 ML

not even close

Yum yum yum yum yummy yum yum.

This stuff is awesome. In for 2!

In my opinion, it is really not worth the price.

I bought a couple bottles based on all the rave reviews here last year.

It’s not nearly as good as other aged balsamics that can be found for half the price.

If you have a local olive oil retail store, you can find REALLY GOOD 15-yr or 18-yr aged balsamic for less money and a larger bottle. The one I have at home has a more concentrated flavor, is sweeter, and is a bit thicker than this one. It is much preferred and it won’t strain your wallet.

This made a pretty present, but I wouldn’t purchase it again.

The absolute BEST balsamic available - so afraid I would miss gthe deal, I ordered 2 (the limit) and forgot about looking up my coupon discount for SOLDOUT items on past 2 sales I tried to make!!!

I stand corrected. Got to notice details better after an Amazon search. Thanks.

no, No NO!

In a meeting and work got in the way!


This has got to make a reappearance.
WD, what have you done?

omg I can’t believe I missed this!! I NEED another bottle! We won’t even throw the old bottle away we loved it so much. PLEASE tell me there will be some in the woot off? or coming up soon sometime??