Cavedoni Botte Piccola Italian Balsamic

Cavedoni Botte Piccola Italian Balsamic
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Cavedoni Botte Piccola Italian Balsamic, 250ml bottle

Listen up! It’s GIFT WEEK. That means this sale will disappear sooner than you think. Complete your purchase before 12pm CST, which is when this gets replaced with something just as giftable.

This is going to make a lot of peoples’ day.

Yes, it is that good.

Yes, you should buy it.

And yes, when you run out you’ll wish you had bought more.

Came in here to post this, I see someone has already gotten to it. Seriously, this is about the best vinegar you could ever buy. I can’t imagine the really expensive stuff being that much better.

I bought 3 last time with the intention of using them as gifts.


Yeah, I finally bought another and this time had woot send it to them instead of me.

om nom nom

I still have two bottles in my “cellar”, and yet I had to buy two more just in case I run low before the next time this is offered.

This balsamic started a love affair of great vinegars and infused EVOO. My mouth thanks you and my wallet grumbles.

lol, I have three in storage and one open… so tempted…

No APO mailing…what a crock. Can we please, please, please fix this today?

One in storage, just went in for two =P

It’s not like it goes bad…

Cavedoni Balsamic is the shizzit. I have one bottle left that I was afraid to open until I made sure I could get more. In for 2 and I might have to do a few Balsamic shots to celebrate!

Between the comments here and on Amazon, I had to buy a bottle to try. Looked up the Cavedoni website, and was very pleased to see they have Saba as well. Hoping Saba will be on woot one day now.

Oh, the more expensive is even better. However, it’s really hard to beat the value of this.

I’ve only had longer aged balsamic because it was a gift from family living in Italy, not because I could afford it. :slight_smile:

Does anyone know how many years this bottle has been aged? I’ve had hundred year old balsamic that is thick and syrupy and then 12 year old that is still sweet enough to drink alone. Just trying to gage the quality for the price. Seems a bit low for a really high quality balsamic. I’m guessing the age is around 25 years?

I bought two last time and am more than pleased with it. I’ve only opened one up so far and the other is in safe-keeping with my wines. If you love vinegars, cheese, fruit, wine, or any other good food, I highly suggest you pick some of this up. You will not be disappointed.

It’s only 7 (I’ve seen 8 in some places) years barrel aged. I wouldn’t expect much longer in the bottle. The traditional consortium approved balsamics have to be barrel aged for a minimum of 12 years which is why the price is a bit lower and the bottle is bigger than normal.

Cavedoni does produce the traditional but then you’re looking at prices from $145-825 if you can even find them.

However, if you visit a certain other website they do have bottles of the 18, 80, and 100 year old on sale. The others were available, but sold out now.

Damn you Woot, couldn’t you have waited to post this until after my paycheck came in?! :stuck_out_tongue: shakes his tiny little fist in the air in frustration

Seriously, all the posts are correct, this stuff is THAT good. It will add that extra special pizzaz to any dish. It’s great for glazing meats and fish, adds lots of flavor to vegetables, pairs well with fruit to make an extra special dessert, and can even turn mundane foods (grilled cheese sandwiches, yogurt, oatmeal!!..) into extraordinary experiences. (And, yes really, what you have heard is true. Try it with ice cream.) Heck I’ve even been known to pour some out into a tiny shot glass and sip it like a fine wine.

In for 1. (I would go for more, but there’s the aforementioned lack-of-paycheck thing… :frowning: )

This THE best balsamic out there. I’ve tried a few and this is just awesome. When I finally gave it to my wife at the beginning of this year we polished a bottle off in about a month. Its soooo good. I only had 1 left, so we made it last a couple of months cause we used it on everything. Amazon sells it for like 60 bucks, so this is a killer deal get it while you can. I bought 3 this time, hope it lasts.

edit: someone asked about thickness. It is very thick and syrupy, is that a word? between a molasses and good maple syrup.

I bought this last year and am soooooo thrilled to see it back again. Have tried it on just about everything, including vanilla ice cream. Might even give one as a gift this year.