Cavedoni Ducale Italian Balsamic (1)

Cavedoni Ducale Italian Balsamic (1)

This stuff is selling like hotcakes, huh? Someone please buy this $75 vinegar so they can release the next product…


“New products every 30 minutes or so”

“or so” is about 1:30 now…


The Wine Woot Off dies on balsamic…

meh, yeah this was up for what seemed like ages.
think of us like meeseeks haha

So 75 bucks for less than half a cup of vinegar? I believe I’ll pass.

hahahah it took 28 minutes to sell the first bottle! I actually laughed reading your comment and checking the sales stats

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Looks like one person’s bought one bottle and another bought three. I suspect we’re gonna be here for a while.

If you’re trying to sell 100mL bottles of vinegar, you may want to start by offering more than a 21% discount. Just Sayin.