Cavedoni Ducale Italian Balsamic

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As a lover of fine “Aceto Balsamico”, during the summer, while in Italy I went on a Vinegar Tour. After tasting the various types of “True” Aceto Balsamico, I was hooked.
The Acetia I visited was “Rossi Barattini”, the farm has been in producing Artisan Balsmico for over 300 years. I tried the 12, 25 and they were to die for. I left purchasing a 12 year and a Aged Balsamic. The producer emailed me last week informing me his product is now available in the states thru
The prices are fantastic!! $90.00 for the 12 year Traditional & $125.00 for the 25 year Traditional
I guess they will go up after the holidays. So, bought several of the 12 year and the 3 year “Vecchio Cantalupo” is fantastic, its perfect for the times you don’t want to share the 12 year Traditional.
Highly recommended

Not yet, will do.
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Just how long did this offer survive?
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I can’t believe this product is sold out already, but if you love true balsamic, try this one that I recommend. You can buy it at
They have various prices and it’s on sale now for the holidays. This makes an amazing gift!!! You won’t be disappointed. It is the best in the world right from Italy.

I love this one too. You must be a true lover of balsamic also if you recommend this site too, so funny. It’s amazing and I’ve tried them all.

It’s on sale now for the holidays

I picked up a bottle of the Cavedoni Ducale a while back; I’m considering opening it & having some friends over for to taste it, along with some Acetum Extra-Vecchio (25 yr) Tradizionale from Costco & the Cavedoni Botte Piccola. Or maybe I’ll just continue hoarding it all.

If you missed out on the Ducale (or just couldn’t justify the price) you might consider the two Tradizional balsamics available from Costco. The Extra-Vecchio is $80 right now & the 12-year (same classification as the Ducale) is $55.|CategorySiloedViewCP

Ant? I thought it was a cockroach. Rather juvenile, in either case.

By all means, let us know what you think of the Costco balsamics if you do try them out. I’ve seen them there, but have not taken the plunge, and a positive review might push me over the edge.

Mudman, ha! Silly Aussie…