Cavedoni Mixed Vinegar (5)

Cavedoni Mixed Vinegar 5-Pack
Cavedoni Saba, 100ml
Cavedoni Aceto Al Tartufo, 100ml
Cavedoni Bianco, 100ml
Cavedoni Rose, 100ml
Cavedoni Delizia, 100ml

I’m surprised there are no comments on these, they look interesting and I know it’s a quality producer.

any feedback or reviews on this? I wanna pull the trigger… but I can’t seem to find anyone’s thoughts on these!

edit… timing!! thanks for the post above!

All well and fine, but unless I’m missing something, still working on the first cup o’joe, these aren’t, except for the Delizia, sold as balsamic.
So how exactly does your ‘comparison’ relate to this offer?

Now these, vinegars made from grape must, clearly have a market and use but I lack the culinary chops to know just how to best use them.

Looking on the website under Cavedoni Balsamic Condiments I see many are sold with recipes included.
WD, any suggestions provided with these?

Wow. Really tempting. The Cavedoni Delizia is essentially the Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP that comes up here periodically at an amazing $40.

If these other varieties from Cavedoni are anywhere NEAR as good, this is quite a bargain!

No, it’s not Balsamico Tradizionale. So you’re buying a whole fleet of Fiats for a fraction of a Ferrari!

I will try to give some info., but I am out of town packing away on an iPhone, so I will be brief. First off Cavedoni only makes the finest vinegars - all 100% from must of grapes grown in his own vineyards. He is 6th generation & does everything the old way. These are bran-new offerings in 100 ml bottles.
The Bianco & Rosé are essentially red & white vinegar. The white I’d made from 100% Trebbiano & the red from Lambrusco- they are both delicious we sell lots of both in larger formats to SF restaurants. The Saba IS a family recipe where quince is boiled with the must. Very sweet. The Delizia is a 5 year aged balsamic. OK - they are really genuine & high quality. I’ll try best to answer questions.

Forgot the tartufo. It is balsamic infused with real truffle. Not chemical flavoring. ,