Cavedoni Mixed Vinegar (5)

Cavedoni Mixed Vinegar 5-Pack
$59.99 $85.00 29% off List Price
1 - Cavedoni Saba, 100ml
1 - Cavedoni Aceto Al Tartufo, 100ml
1 - Cavedoni Bianco, 100ml
1 - Cavedoni Rose, 100ml
1 - Cavedoni Delizia, 100ml

Oh man…got fooled. I am waiting with anticipation for more of the Botte Piccola or the saba… go in for the max every time I see them. These are not all 100% must. I’ll still try them because everything else I have gotten through Woot from Cavedoni has been great.

I agree, they make good stuff. I’ve been buying Aged Balsamic Vinegar from they have a 3-5 year aged balsamic for $35.00, which is as good or better (matter of taste) and they have a 12 year Traditional (which is 100% grape must) for $95.00 .FYI: the Botte Piccola is Grape Must and Wine Vinegar, which the 3-5 year sold on Bella Luna Imports is the same. This is per the IGP. I checked and you can buy it on Amazon for less. search for “Rossi Barattini” worth a try, you will not be disappointed

Do you work for Bella Luna imports? Just curious, because every time Cavedoni comes up you post the equivalent of a Bella Luna infomercial.

LOL, no I don’t work for them. I promote them because they did right by me and educated me on the difference between good,not so good and imitation. as I mentioned I first got turned to real balsamic by buying the botte picola. then once it was gone (about 3 weeks later) , I tried buying another supposedly “Real” balsamic to find it was garbage. To my frustration, I contacted a friend in Italy asking to purchase real aceto, he happened to know a vinegar farmer (Rossi Barattini). I explained my frustration, he educated me on all of the differences and that 90% of the balsamic sold in USA is fake. I offered to buy his Aceto, he then pointed me to bella luna imports here in USA. I contacted them and purchased aceto. They sell quality Balsamic and a fair and reasonable price. I purchased a lot more for Christmas presents, so I got to know the owner. he did right by me, so I am returning the favor.
I am a salesman by profession, so yes if I like something I will naturally promote it and educate people on the differences between good and not so good. that’s just me, pushing for the good guys

Thanks for the reply. I know that a lot of Balsamics (and EVOOs) sold in grocery stores are counterfeits so it’s always good to know where to get something real.