Cavedoni Mixed Vinegar (5)

Cavedoni Mixed Vinegar 5-Pack
$49.99 $85.00 41% off List Price
1 - Cavedoni Saba, 100ml
1 - Cavedoni Aceto Al Tartufo, 100ml
1 - Cavedoni Bianco, 100ml
1 - Cavedoni Rose, 100ml
1 - Cavedoni Delizia, 100ml

Correction in the description: Rosé.

Does anybody know if it is described as sweet and thick is it thick like thin honey or like normal thin balsamic vinegar? How sweet is it compared to honey, or an aged balsemic?

Bought these last time they were offered. I like all of them, except maybe the truffle vinegar, but it has its place. My favorite is the “must” my husband likes the “syrup”. These have impressed many a guest.

I see Saba, and immediately think fish. Japanese for mackerel; not a good image.

These, at least the Saba I have open, tend to be a bit less viscous than the premium, and $$$, Cavedoni many are familiar with. This one (Saba) is on the sweet side, but with good acidity to carry it.

Grabbed a set of these for my mom for xmas.