Cavedoni Mixed Vinegar (5)

Good stuff.
Just had the Saba on some steamed broccoli this evening.

Cavedoni Mixed Vinegar 5-Pack
$49.99 $85.00 41% off List Price
Cavedoni Saba, 100ml
Cavedoni Aceto Al Tartufo, 100ml
Cavedoni Bianco, 100ml
Cavedoni Rose, 100ml
Cavedoni Delizia, 100ml

Just for point of reference,

is 0.423 of a cup.

slightly less than 1/2 a cup of liquid in each bottle…

Just if you were wondering …

Hi all, Howard with Casa de Case, the importer of these vinegars. This set of 5 vinegars are all from the same folks that make Botte Piccole which is a favorite here at Woot! 100% of Cavedoni’s products are made exclusively from his own production: the vinegars are made from grape must from his own vineyards. Start with the Delizia - it is a balsamic aged 5 years. The Tartufo is the same balsamic infused with real black truffles. The Rose is 100% Lambrusco. The Bianco is 100% Trebbiano - and the Saba is just delicious! Ask any questions you like, I will try to help, but this is truly a bargain with vinegars of the highest quality.

Price for individual bottles, if you pick up at their Menlo park store is about the same.

Cavedoni Aceto Al Tartufo, 100ml
Ingredients: Cooked grape must, wine vinegar, truffle aroma

What is Truffle Aroma?

“Fake truffle flavoring is one of those things that’s especially upsetting, because not only does it taste like a bad chemical version of the real thing, it’s the flavor that almost everyone now associates with truffles,” Jonathan Gold says.

1/4 cup for a 4 serving salad dressing 8 oz.

Less than 2 salad dressing per bottle.

About $7 per 4 serving salad dressing.

I guess these really aren’t for salad dressings.