Cavedoni Mixed Vinegar (5)

Cavedoni Mixed Vinegar (5)

I understand the value of high-quality imported vinegars. However, realized that these are just 100ml bottles, which is very tiny. From the picture you can’t tell and I initially assumed maybe 200 -300 per bottle which is common for that shape.
At only 100ml per bottle, this stuff comes out to $100 per litre. When people usually complain about price on Gourmet.Woot (or whatever we call this), I usually jump in and defend the product and say the price is OK and people are free to buy or not but shouldn’t complain about the price. And now here I am… probably just cranky. Ignore me.

[update] OK what do I know…? it seems that some 3rd-party sellers are asking $30 for one individual bottle from this producer. And reviews are good. Might order…

[update2] bought!

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This is one of the ‘authentic’ vinegar producers in Modena Italy. There products are excellent, and worth the money. If you ever have a chance to tour a facility such as this one, sign up. You will be amazed at the effort and knowledge required to create the real thing.