Cavedoni Saba Balsamic Vinegar (2)

Cavedoni Saba Balsamic Vinegar 2-Pack
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Just a note that this is not regular balsamic vinegar. It is flavored with clove and cinnamon, quite sweet and syrupy. (yes I know great balsamics have what you might consider a sweet and syrupy profile) Saba is good, just pointing out it is different.

So has anyone tried this? Or similar one?

I have not but it sounds interesting so i’m in :slight_smile:

Excellent! You can share it at the next SoCal gathering! :wink:

Yes! I wonder how it will pair with a Turley Judge Bell vineyard zin? :slight_smile:

$5 coupon expiring today, and nothing else looks interesting.

hopefully I can find a use for this.

Howard from Casa de Case here. We are the importer of this Saba which is similar to Balsamic, but it is also quite different. In this case the grape must is cooked a long time and really concentrated. It develops a unique sweetness. It is not aged in wood barrels like balsamic. Each producer uses their own recipe for their Saba (unlike Balsamic which is controlled by the consortium). Cavedoni boils his must with quince, developing an amazing flavor. He adds winter spices. All of the ingredients (except the spices) are grown on his estate.
What to do with it? Great on cheese. Spectacular in chopped chicken liver or on foie gras (if you are lucky to have any). Lots of other things.