CB Almond Toffee & Peppermint Velvet (2)

Candy Basket Almond Toffee & Peppermint Velvet Candy Crunch 2-Pack Gift Set
$21.99 $34.99 37% off List Price
Candy Basket Almond Toffee, 6oz Box (Approx 12 Pieces)
Candy Basket Peppermint Velvet Candy Crunch, 7.5oz Box (Approx 12 Pieces)

Has anyone eaten these before? I can’t find any info on these products and no reviews on the company’s website.

I bought some Peppermint Velvet Crunch last year and enjoyed it very much. Minty creamy smooth with little crunchy bits covered in chocolate. What’s not to like?
But it was a 2 pound box. Price on this seems kind of steep. I’ll pass on this one.

It’s almost a pound (13.5 ounces), and when you consider that Woot’s usual $5 shipping charge is included, that makes the cost of the chocolate $16.99, which works out to approximately $1.25 per ounce.

Not that prices for comparable items on Amazon should be the end-all-be-all, but $1.25/ounce is a competitive price for quality chocolates. Once you look past prices for crappy, mass-produced toffees like Heath bars, I see prices for $1.59/ounce and higher.

In for one myself.

But what I paid last year was $1.00/ounce or $.84/ounce if you take out the shipping. So definitely steeper. Besides, I really don’t want the toffee.