CBTL Single Cup Coffee/Espresso Brewer

**Item: **CBTL Single Cup Coffee/Espresso Brewer
Price: $79.99
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Condition: New

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Will my k-cups work in this?

Nope. But this makes a much better cup of coffee IMHO…

Single serve coffee pods are a product of the devil. They are an environmental nightmare. How as a society did we de-volve the process of making coffee so that we’re shipping ground coffee around by the tablespoon?
k-cups, nespresso and now these…billions of containers going to landfills/incinerators.

With you there. Can these even be recycled/opened to clean to recycle?

Sticking with my grinder and french (freedom?) press forever.

I’m not even going to bother to look, in k-cups the filter is bound to the inside of the cup and they are not recyclable.
even if you can clean them and recycle them does anybody? and does that address the carbon expense of packing a Tbsp of coffee in a plastic pod, then packing those inside a fiberboard box of a dozen or so, and then packing those inside a cardboard box…so a pound of coffee ends up occupying the space of 10lbs of coffee.
Now you have to ship them to a warehouse, store them, ship them to a distributor, store them. ship them to a customer, then the waste cardboard/plastic has to be hauled away.
There’s wasteful convenience and then there’s wasteful convenience…just so you can pay about 10x extra per cup.