Cedar Grilling Planks 5.5 x 12in, 24-pk

Cedar Grilling Planks 5.5 x 12in, 24-pk

Bought something similar to these as a gift for someone once…

They used them as charcuterie boards, not realizing they were for grilling lol

Tomato Tomato ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Thirty three bucks? They used to not be able to give these away. I should have kept all of mine and invested in cedar plank futures. I’d be rich!

Lol, buy buy buy, sell sell sell

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Do not buy. Panels are very thin. (Less than half the thickness of a typical grilling plank.) Very easily warps and can only be used once. Not worth the money. Every wonder why this junk ends up on Woot forever?