Cedar Key Rainwear

Is it just me, or is there no size chart for any of the items?

We’ve asked the vendor for size info but so far, no luck. I’m sorry.

“50mm PVC polyester fabric”

Is that thickness? At just short of 2 inches thick, that should not only be waterproof but bulletproof. If it’s some kind of size, it’s going to be a wee bit snug, I’m afraid…

Dear Woot,

I ordered one of these here rainjackets, and today I received the beloved “your woot has shipped” email.

In the email, as always, there is a place to click to track the item. I clicked it, and USPS tells me “Requested label is archived” and then goes on to state that it was delivered on Nov 25, 2013. To a different state. So now not only do I have to travel back in time to get my rainjacket, I also have to travel across a couple states! Can you travel through time and distance both on the same trip? Is this issue ever acknowledged in science fiction? I mean, if I travel back in time to the day when lightning struck the key on the kite, would I automatically be in the right location for that?

Anyway, back to the issue at hand… there are 3 places in the email to click to track, every one of them takes me to the same results.

In addition, I clicked in the email on the link to “Discuss the Cedar Key Rainwear Event” and that then took me to a ‘bad request’ page, where I evidently upset the servers and frambled the circuit overlays. Sorry bout that!

I’m thinking what happened is that you all took a day off to commemorate the end of the US Civil War. (Oxymoron, anyone?) And when you were out partying, the screaming monkeys took over control of the computers.

Well, enjoy your day and don’t party too hard, I really do want to get my raincoat soon!

Dear Amy,


We’ve been trying to corral these darn monkeys for hours now.

In regards to your order, we certainly DO NOT have any time machines handy.
That would incur far too much awesomeness.

However, it does appear that your order is still being processed and in shipping soon. More than likely the tracking number (via the email we sent you) on your order hasn’t updated properly.
Normally shipping is 3-5 business days, so if you don’t see any tracking updates by April 15th, please write into support@woot.com and let them know.

In your email to them, could you also ask what we’re supposed to do with these monkeys AFTER we catch them?!