SUGGESTION: If you want be sure you get this in time for a party or Christmas, you may want to consider the $5 next day shipping.

If this shirt bigger on the inside than it is on the outside, how will we know what size to order?

Man, I think the story for today’s shirt makes me a little sad.

That’s the only problem with this shirt. The Christmas theme makes it only viable for a month or so out of the year. I’m still quite tempted to buy it

I think we all wanted to see K9 zap Adric at least once.

What’s a… I mean, who is…

Anyone willing to explain?

Exactly. I’m torn…

Same goes for the Halloween shirts, those are some of my favorite designs, even if I can only wear them for a month. Still love it though, and now it’s been added to my collection.

Love the alien and Tardis hiding around the back. Super work!

That’s it.

Next year, the angel atop my tree will be weeping.

Being in Australia I am forced to buy this for Christmas in 2013. In for 3. One size up from what we currently wear.

Love it! Yes, the Christmas theme makes this a bit off-topic for the rest of the year, but seriously, Whovians have to explain their shirts (sonic devices, fezzes, 3d specs, adipose, etc) 24/7 anyways, and/or risk strange looks, so is this any different?

I liked Adric and I’m going to wear this anyway.

Did too. And Wesley Crusher. And Dawn Summers. pthhtbt

Doctor Who. The much-anticipated Christmas Special is almost upon us, and this shirt features a Dalek (The Doctor’s arch-enemies) as the tree, surrounded by “gifts” from the show. Great design.

Just a tip, carry a marker on a string around your neck when you wear this shirt…

I think this is a new all-time favorite design. The bow tie, the fez, the weeping angel, the scarf, the dalek tree - it’s perfect! Exterminate the gloom, this shirt exudes Christmas cheer for Whovians everywhere!

Times like these I wish I had some idea what I’m looking at. Dalek? What’s that? Sonic Screwdriver? Sounds like something they serve at the “alternative lifestyle” bar. Then I navigate away & forget to care…

I don’t care if it is Christmas themed, I’ll be wearing this puppy all year!

All that’s missing is Waldo, err, I mean, the Doctor.

One of these days I’m gonna have to watch an episode with a Dalek thingy in it. Then I’ll know what all the Dr type nerds are going on about. I’ve only seen the Weeping Angels episode and one with something about Mars and a force field and an exploding rocket…