Celebrate Washington



Had a RBW Malbec last night, what a good bottle of wine.


Everything in the Gilbert 3-pack I ordered from Woot awhile back was excellent. Definitely recommend the winery, but can’t really speak about this particular offering.


I have bought Gilbert every time it has been on Woot…great stuff!


A great Malbec? That sounds promising, does anyone know how it compares to an Argentinian Malbec? I’m guessing its more fruit forward.


Wait! It’s not a cab…
You had a, what?


CT 2010 Gilbert Cellars Malbec Estate Doc Stewart Vineyard


Any notes on how these washington wines will be shipped.
Cali wines typically from fedex from the WW warehouse but washington wines may not. Are these coming UPS, Fedex, or pumpkin chucker?


He got sick of listening to Kyle…


I agree with North.


Dare I ask about the Secret White?

I know it got a lashing for giving no specs, but I don’t see much on people who have actually tasted this stuff… Anyone out there have some tasting notes?


People may have tasting notes, but they’re secret.


hah, so true.


LOL I was shocked how much I liked it, might get a little bold and try some of the Sangiovese I bought on WW.
I still have 3 RBW Malbec left, but might have get some more here


I guess I walked right into this one…



I just restocked the ol’ wine cellar (actually the spare space on the top of my crappy Ikea stereo stand) but if I had more $$ and space I would most def go for the Raised by Wolves. Very good stuff.


Received my case of The Climber Red Wine today, @ $7.50 a bottle …surprisingly good


Come in ground control…is this thing on?


All the WA and OR wines I’ve ordered have originated in their home states with the usual FedEx shipping.


Raised by wolves? Winter reds? Are they direwolves by chance? It gets mighty cold on the wall, these reds will help.