Celestial Watcher

[screaming externally]

This is going to look so good. Love how the tiger looks, so calm, and yet ready to either pounce or bat playfully at the stars. And the moon looks like wings.

Oh nice, they’re printing it with the metallic ink :slight_smile:

This is not a glow in the dark shirt
∴ The terrorists have won.

Celestial tiger? Wunderbar.

Yay! Such a great design, congrats!

I really like the falling stars. Looks like the tiger is trying to catch one.

From a neighboring t-shirt, Seiryuu looks on in contempt.

I’m really happy this one is metallic! I was worried it wouldn’t be, but even if it wasn’t I’d still want it. Too bad my wallet is full of moths…

Wow, this reminds me a lot of William Blake, particularly these lines:

Love it!

Nice design, too bad you can’t have it printed on the back of the shirt.

Ah yeah! Anemality back on the front page where your killer art belongs.

I take full credit for trying to encourage you back. ^__-

Destined to be “most chick friendly” when Woot tallies up the sales.

Nice design, but not sure I like the “wings”

Agree. I think it’s supposed to be the moon, but it looks like lopsided horns to me. Can’t un-see it.

congrats anemality!

Glad to see this print!! Great design. Congrats anemality!

Would look wonderful on a zip hoodie with a few stars on the front and the “watcher” on the back! Hint, hint.

Beautiful! Congrats!

Love this one! Grats on the print- well deserved-