Celestron SkyScout Personal Planetarium



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Celestron SkyScout Personal Planetarium
$99.99 + $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Can’t my iPad do everything that this can do?


i remember when i bought it for $400. geez. awesome tool. really better than having a telescope if you’re just starting out. helps you learn the sky, helps you find the objects that you can then look at with your binoculars.


This looks really cool…and I might actually have been in for one…except…

I’m pretty sure the reason this is so inexpensive is that now, anyone with an Android phone has just about every bit of this functionality (and possibly some things this doesn’t do) with the free app “Google Sky”. I imagine there’s something similar in IOS but I don’t know for sure.

Sorry guys…don’t get my money today…but you’ll get it sooner or later… :slight_smile:


Celestron site
Amazon lists it at $142.68


Updating this unit could be a bit difficult but considering it.



Here’s the manual.

(And look! I linked it, which Woot forum commenters never do. Seriously, why don’t people take the five seconds to add the two tags?)


Certain gadgets are worth having as a dedicated tool for the job.

If you think of a smartphone as a digital swiss army knife, what you have is a pocket full of tools that may do the job reasonably well but is seldom really stellar at certain tasks, pun intended. The apps in my smartphone are for when I don’t have access to real tools. At about the cost of a single Benjamin I’d snap this up if I didn’t have two already.

Another gadget that falls along these lines is a portal car GPS. Squinting at my smartphone for directions makes me feel pretty stupid.




If you have any interest in astronomy, or the kids have an interest, this is a fantastic buy. I bought one new several years ago ($400) for a special young member of our family and she loves it even today.

It’s a wonderful little device that helps you learn the sky. You point it at an object, push the button and it tells you all you need to know about the target and then some. You can use it to find objects you wish to see or just to float around the sky on your own and learn more about interesting objects. Owning and using one of these devices may show you that you really have a burning interest in astronomy and who knows, you may progress to buying and enjoying a good telescope soon. It’s a fantastic hobby…I’ve been active in astronomy most of my life and I’m sure you will love it.


I love space stuff! This would be rad to have. I did notice something possibly troublesome with this review on their website:

“to update the flash memory you MUST have a 32 bit computer for the software to work. You can load it on a 64 bit machine, but it won’t open. Celestron’s customer support says they know about it, but don’t know when they’re having going to update the software. I was told to find a friend with a 32 bit computer. So buy this product knowing this up front”


nice instrument…i probably paid about 125 for a used one couple years ago. Be aware that this thing eats up batteries like there is no tomorrow.!!
but like someone else said…you can now get an app for your phone so save your money.
Sorry Woot


No. Check out the manual. Anyway… I don’t have your iPad!

It’s the other way around. I’m pretty familiar with Google Sky Map and it’s decent enough as a simple finder but very limited beyond that — really, all it does is answer the question “Hey, what’s that?” Also, Google’s dropped development of it, although since it’s now open source, maybe enthusiasts will continue to maintain it, maybe not.

Plus, this is actually pretty kid-friendly. You may or may not want to be handing your smartphone to a youngster to share.


My Galaxy S3 does this for free… It’s called “Google Sky”.


I came here to ask if the SkyView app I already paid for on my iPhone as just as good as this (it’s a lot like Google Sky). It seems most folks think it is…

Very cool device, but I think I’ll save my money this time.


You may be right but I can’t see how you can use your Iphone to do the same thing this device does, even with an app. How can you point your phone at an object in the sky and then have your phone tell you what you just pointed at? This device has a functional GPS system within along with an object library for more than 10,000 objects. It automatically knows where on Earth you are standing and exactly what you are pointing at. It will then tell you all you need to know about the object you’re viewing. Or you can do it in reverse…ask the device to show you a particular object (let’s say M42) and the device will guide to find the target.


Does it come with lifetime maps? I hear the universe may end soon and the night time sky will need to be completely updated.


Since many people are mentioning the Android app, here’s the Google Play page for the Sky Map app that Google used to maintain for comparison purposes.