Celine Phantom Bags

Kinda looks like a face…
Zip yo lips…

$1823.99 for a handbag? Excuse me, I must have mistaken this site for Woot.com

Oh, you must have never been here for “Twenty Thousand Dollar Watch Wednesday”.

At a price like that, I am not carrying it to the grocery store!
Or anywhere for that matter…

So far they sold 2. I don’t like WOOT selling these high end items, I can’t afford them and it makes me feel well, poor. On top of that, if I could buy $1800.00 purses, I sure in heck would not be shopping on WOOT!

We try to offer deals on a great span of items. This is something that may not necessarily be a realistic purchase for a lot of our customers, but it’s definitely got a market out there, a small niche we’re hoping to fill.

If I liked Celine bags, this would be a great deal. However, I’d also be a little nervous buying designer handbags on Woot…sorry guys.

Maybe a separate site just for high end items. Even with 2 or 3 things per every couple days. People who could afford it could get deals on luxury goods or like Meh but with expensive stuff.

Who spends that much on a bag? Particularly one this ugly?

Edit: I just looked up at TV to see a news story about a new purse retailing at $22,000. Bright pink and equally ugly.

Think of the kids you could feed or vaccinate with that much money.

I don’t know if you critical people have ever tried to transport a phantom. This is not a high price, if it works.

I was like… Hey handbags! I’ll buy one for my mom. Look at price… HOLY CRAP 4 DIGITS!!! faint

I had momentarily thought “maybe I’m just out of touch” and then I clicked the “discuss” button and realized I’m still sane. Yay!!

So thanks fellow commenters for saving me from (more) therapy. Although $1800 could buy me a decent amount of therapy out of pocket, and a couple/few YEARS worth if only paying the co-pay. (Just to put the price tag in perspective.)

I, for one, nearly passed out when I saw this bag because I’ve loved it for a long time and was so surprised to find it on Woot. Good for you guys! If I could afford it, I totally would, and those who know this bag know that it’s a great deal.

This is for people with more money than sense. I can get a better, bigger bag for less than 100 dollars at a department store.

You have made my point, you can’t afford it. Woot be loyal to your supporters and don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

That’s a. Giant Meh face to be exact.


so i get it. woot gets the ugly Celines. it’s a start though!!