CELINE Zoe Ladies Sunglasses

CELINE Zoe Ladies Sunglasses

Butt-ugly (or maybe fugly) and $$$ so… hard pass.

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$45 for non-polarized lenses in a junky plastic frame? What the heck?

The supposed $250 msrp is laugh-out-loud stupid.

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WOW Celine for less the $50.

Loving it

These look like something you’d get at the Dollar Store for your kid.

I totally agree they’re butt ugly and that’s saying something nice about them, but I did a price check and would you believe they’re going for $130+ CRAZY!

But are they actually “going” for that, or is that a fake nobody-actually-buys-it-for-this price that someone made up in order to make it look like a discount when they’re offered for $45? (Which is still an absolutely ludicrous price for these).

Or is this one of those “it has a fashion label, so stupid suckers will spend hundreds of dollars on it because of the name even though it only cost us $1.35 to make” things?

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They should come with a set of clown feet !


It’s considered high fashion brand, so they really go for that. Those brands miss as often as they hit, when it comes to designs, so even the whiffs can pull a fair amount at retail.

That said, I have no idea why someone would want these outside of the name on the side or if they are under 12 years old.