Cell Boost Disposable Battery for Mini-USB Devices - 2 Pack

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Cell Boost Disposable Battery for Mini-USB Devices - 2 Pack [New] - $2.99

2 * Cell Boost EMUSB1 Disposable Battery for Mini-USB Devices

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[urlhttp://www.google.com/products?q=Cell+Boost+Disposable+Battery+for+Mini-USB+Devices&aq=f]Froogled: price range from $6 + shipping

I have an LG Dare that charges using micro USB. Could I use a mini-to-micro converter with these to make it go?

A disposable battery for your cellphone?

Way to destroy the planet, woot.

meh. what if it uses micro usb???

Any idea if it will fit a palm pre? That’s a phone that would make great use of these, esp. at 3 bucks a pop.

The response to Octogenarian is brilliant! LOL

im in for 3!

im not sure why but its cheap and its tuesday :slight_smile:

They should make it rechargeable…

Does it work for the G1???

A neat idea if it wasn’t so limited (only mini-usb devices) and wasn’t so wasteful (sell us a AA->usb adapter instead of a throwaway).

Seems like alot of $$$$ for a single use battery.

What is the correct way to dispose of this disposable battery?

Does it work with the LG Xenon?

I agree what a stupid product, straight to the landfill after a week.

Why is there a switch Motorola<->Blackberry?

Isn’t mini usb a universal standard, that is supposed to provide a specific amount of power no matter what is on the end of it?

So is it just Moto/Blackberry device then? How do I set the switch, should I plug it into my G1? Or should I not???

At eighty, the spark you need may be the resuscitation paddles available at your local ER.

I understand the premise behind having cheap offerings for 2-for-Tuesday, but seriously…step it up! How about 2 laptops or 2 TV’s? They’ll sell!

The batteries? Meh. The Wootcast? Frigging awesome ending.

Great timing! One of these can power my cloaking device and the other can run my replicator…