Cell Boost iRecharge for iPod Shuffle



Cell Boost iRecharge for iPod Shuffle

$0.49 + $5 shipping



pricing for future reference


Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see ! :slight_smile:

New Cell Boost iRecharge for iPod Shuffle, for $0.49 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Cell Boost iRecharge for iPod Shuffle

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Cool if you (for some weird reason) own a shuffle, but the shipping costs put this deal six feet under.


not bad if you have an original Shuffle. Otherwise, PANCAAAAKKEESS!!!




wow. upplies 40 hours of play time to the iPod Shuffle, and 12 hours of playtime to the iPod Classic, Mini, and Nano

this can help on long trips!!! really 40 hours??? anyone use these?


can the usb connector charge my iphone?


Actually I see you can use it with other USB devices. Excellent price for a quick charge.


Well, the shuffle charges by USB, so this battery can charge more than just the iPod shuffle


Booo, who uses these outdated hunks of plastic anymore?


User manual



So, do I have to use my USB power cable and plug it into the USB port and then plug the other end into the iPod? Or does the iPod just click into the bottom where it looks like there might be a jack?


Mmmmm more food for the landfill!


lol yup


So wait, it WON’T work with the newest generation of shuffles?!




Sure it will. You just have to plug your shuffle into its dock and then plug the usb into this thing.


i’m assuming that this thing is one time use right?


Has anyone been able to find the mAh for this sucker?