Cell Phone Alert Holder with Night Light

I don’t even understand this

doe this work with a pickle?

I need one of these…that night light will save me from Chuck Norris

Methinks the bottom of the barrel has been scraped.

cancer detector-me thinks

this dollar tree?


this dollar tree?

Exactly, and what does it do?

Now I’m getting snickity. At least the last item did something.

Last sweep up of the night?

I vote … no …

is it for any cell phone?

The carpiest of the carp… WTH is that thing!

Such ffffaaaaiiiilllllllll…


Um, no.


How do you say… um…SERIOUSLY?

If the charger’s not included, so it doesn’t plug in to the phone, how does it react when a call comes in? I’m probably being very dense, but I don’t quite get it.

Notice the boards get REAL quiet when it’s a cheap Woot item that everyone is snatchin up!