Cellboost Disposable Battery for iPod



Anyone have experience with how well these actually work?




I own(ed) one of these babies. Works very well for charging your iPod on the fly. Got about 8 hours of charge out of mine. If you’re going to go for it, go for three.


Wow - more future post-consumer landfill. Thanks, Woot.


how wasteful is this??


Anyone know if these might be used?


Disposable? I suppose it’s too much to ask for such a thing on here that is rechargable…


really, single use? P.U.


How many charges can you get from this thing before its battery life begins to diminish?

Edit: Nevermind… I should really read the descriptions better…


I might have been interested if it was a rechargeable. Disposable, no…


“ow many times”





Um, seeing how it says it is disposable, I would assume… one.


Does anyone know how I can waste money and destroy the environment at the same time?


I don’t like how this isn’t a very “green” product… wastefulness isn’t good.


When I bought mine, it came with another battery unit for my iPod, which was rechargeable. This was just a freebee they threw in there, in case you forgot to charge your rechargeable recharger! Yeah totally wasteful… But I opened mine up. Appears to be simply a couple of cell batteries with a little circuit for regulation and stepup (maybe?)


Doesn’t really matter, now does it? They are already produced and sitting in Woot!'s warehouse. Might as well buy and consume them before the batteries die, and then they really go to waste.


Please don’t just dump these or other batteries in the trash, either. I think Rat Shack,among other places, takes dead batteries back. Otherwise, in some areas you are required to dispose of them like household chemicals, at the local hazardous waste drop-off.

All this instead of just going without music long enough to recharge your iPod.


Complete crap. not only is it non-recharge, but I just bought a gadget that allows me to use a AA battery to recharge my 'pod from JcPenny’s on clearance for like $2.

Expect to see this little diddy in a Bag 'O Crap soon.