CellBoost Disposable Battery for Mini-USB Devices – 50 Pack


PS3 Controllers, cell phones, blue-tooth headsets / headphones, uh… cameras, cant think of any others atm lol

For all the landfill statements, this is job creation! I feel so empowered as I purchase.

That is it, I’m going back to bed for some sleep. I just can’t watch while the future landfill fills up as people buy these.

Disposable, wow really? Even a decade ago I would feel bad about buying this.

So if these don’t get bought, do they just go to the landfill without being discharged first?

These are retarded and not normal retard … they’re Sarah Palin Retarded.

~EDIT wow! the filter doesn’t like RETARDED - but they left sarah palin? strange indeed

Can I connect a dead one to a new one to recharge it?

So true :slight_smile: Don’t hate the company that gets stuck reselling them or the consumers that buy haha.

Are these iVibe compatible?

you lost me at “disposable” - this should not be in the Woot lexicon

Why would I pay 20+5 s/h for this booster that has to be tossed after depletion when I could pay the same amount for one that can be recharged???

90 day warranty on a disposable battery?

Hope no one takes the oppurtunity to rip off Woot.

I would buy these, but I do not have any USB powered devices…booo!

I had one for a different phone, and they just have 4 AAA batteries soldered together inside with a resistor (this one COULD be different, but I doubt it, no guarantees). If you take them apart you could have 200+ AAA batteries, plus a ton of mini-usb connectors for your other projects. Good for hardware hackers.

Because your less likely to give the rechargeable away to a stranger if they need a quick charge, because your not going to be able to charge 50 devices at once if the need arises with your rechargeable one, because if you lose your one rechargeable one you dont have 49 more to fall back on.

Because you are gullible?

in for 150 of them. lol!

No then they get in the B of Carp and at least no one profits. And yes resellers can say forget it.

I think kids.woot is selling a kilo of pot.

Because there’s 50 of 'em! 50x the impracticality!

No good stay away… Its “ONE” (1) time use… ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? if you buy one I pity your local landfill!

wow- what a waste to society! if they were rechargeable… and you got 5… then it would be alright. but this is disgraceful. blaah