CellBoost Disposable Battery for Mini-USB Devices – 50 Pack

fiddy? dang!

Finally, I can power all 50 sets of my woot lights.

I’d take ONE if it were rechargeable.

I wonder what the shelf-life of these other 49 are that are not in use at the time?

I can smell the bag of crap, it’s that close!

yes b 4 anyone asks if you buy 3 you will be in for 150 ok there.

now dont say it!


great, more crap for the land fills

With my Palm Pre these would all be gone in a week.
I hate the battery in my phone.

Oh, and it’s the wrong interface too.

I could take them camping this weekend and dispose of them all in the campfire.

I hate you.

What? Ummm, no. Taking a nap now.

On the plus side, shipping works out to be ten cents each!

I bought 50 of these the last time they were on the woot off. They did not work on my Blackberry 8350i or HTC Touch Diamond. I tried 3 different packs.

50 disposable batteries. Now that’s environmentally friendly!

i can smell the bag of crap a mile away. The smell is unique to it.


Can someone tell me what the book/bag of crap is? I’ve seen several references to it and I’m new. So, please educate!

Im rubbin some honey all up on your girl!