Cellnorth 3D Video Wizard

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Cellnorth 3D Video Wizard
$49.99 + $5 Standard OR $11 Two-Day OR $15 One-Day Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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I drive with these on. Makes the morning commute so much more of a challenge…

Can I view my TRON fat head decals in 3D?

What would happen if I watched 3D TV with this? Wormhole?

Do these actually work… Im sceptacle


Wait, hold on… So this downgrades 3D signals to 2D? Or it upgrades 2D to 3D-like viewing? Why does doing the former cost 50-friggin’-dollars?

I am confuse.

that is indeed the question!

I like it, I have a 3 d camera and this would be cool to do slide shows, but I’d more that 2 pairs of glasses and they cost as much as the viewer.

Very skeptical of something that’s sold on amazon and has ZERO reviews.

Oh, plus I bought a 3D tv.

I’m spectacle too.

Runs about $99 everywhere on the web. Looks like extra glasses will run you about 20 - 25 bucks.

They take a 3d signal and turn it in to a red/blue style image.

It is sold on Amazon for 10$ more NEW with prime shipping free, and has about 30 reviews

Saw this coming. No bonus points.

So what has been respitafied the Glasses…YUCK!!!

Your implication that the two 3D dimensions would simply stack on top of each other, creating a dense 3D space which would collapse into a singularity, is preposterous.

No, the description states clearly that this products “adds a dimension,” meaning that if you already have 3D, it would add a 4th dimension, likely allowing you to travel through time.


Here’s a PDF of the manual for those who like to read.

Believe it or not, this really works … quote well, in fact. And the Amber/cyan glasses distorts the colors much less than the traditional anaglyphic red/cyan ones. INstallation took about 1 min. Basically, just plug your 3D source into the HDMI input, and the HDMI output into your TV. That’s it! Keep in mind that this only works through HDMI.

The 3D effect is striking. Just watched the London Olympics in 3D as well as Ghost in the Abyss, a documentary about salvaging the Titanic. Lots of depth.

There is also a 2D to 3D mode that works surprisingly well. Basically, faces pop in front. Probably not worth the headache of wearing the glasses though.

If you don’t have 3D programming, you can download 3D movies on the web… wink wink