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Any chance of getting iphone 5c compatible cases other than than these Armbands?? I have looked at so many and info on most says 5C has a slightly different size/ shape… Thanks

My S4 has the camera in the [top] center, but these cases for S4 show the camera hole in the corner… um… is this not the exact item pictured, or…?

Sure you have an S4? All the S4s that I see show a center camera.

your pictures do not show the camera in the center, the incorrect picture is being used to show the product. can you verify the camera hole is in the center of the S4 case you are advertising for sale?

Almost bought the wallet case for the Galaxy S5, but ALL the pics shown are NOT fitted for the SGS5 - I don’t know what they fit, but the S5 has a larger rear center cutout for the camera and pulse-thingy and an even smaller one on the low left for the speaker - The S4 cases ALSO show the wrong covers. This case has a small upper left corner cutout on the rear for a camera that neither S’s have placed there…

I just bought His and Hers wallet cases for the S5…please tell me that the photos on there are incorrect and that these truly ARE for the S5!
Stupid me for looking at the cutouts AFTER I hit BUY! I just read that it was for S5.

I guess we will ALL find out, won’t we?

yes, I’m sure I have an S4 and yes, it has a center camera. My apologies for being unclear. My brain goes rather quickly and as a result I am a poor communicator.

What I was trying to say is that the pictures of the case shown as for the S4 all have the camera cutout in a corner. Sorry.

I hate all the armbands and wallets will only fit the phone naked. Why can’t they make the accessories fit your phone that has an otterbox on it? Everyone has an otterbox.

Can anyone confirm if the Scosche strikeBase Lightening Wall Charger actually gets lighter during charging or if the phone it’s charging gets lighter?

Thanks for the reminder. Went to ebay and purchased an otterbox defender belt case.

Just received one of the wallet cases i ordered for my iphone 4S, item did not properly fit the phone, and was not exactly as depicted. received the black one, which is pictured with a White clasp, and White interior, the black came ALL black. which is actually nicer than black & white, but not what was depicted in the pictures.

That stinks, sorry for the mix-up. If you haven’t yet, please email support@woot.com with your order info and situation. CS can review your available options.

I bought the wallet case for the iPhone 5/5S, and it does NOT fit the 5S. The case is about 1/2" too short for the phone. I’ve contacted CS for resolution.

I just got my s4 case, and it fits perfectly. The White interior is gross… wish mine had an all black mix up. LOL! Anyways… adequate.

It’ll do, Woot, it’ll do.

Received my wallet cases for iPhone 5s. They were about 3/4 inch too short. Don’t know what they fit but it wasn’t an iPhone 5s. I should have read the comments before buying. Consider yourself warned. Lol

Received the second case for the iPhone 4s the purple one, which color wise was depicted correctly, but same thing as with the black one. The phone holder was too long, to properly hold the phone in place. Sent another email to CS got a second case# but nothing back aside from the automated response. Kinda losing faith in woot. :frowning:

Same here. When I couldn’t make anything on my 4S fit in the slots (I couldn’t even get all 3 side buttons exposed at the same time), I dug the wrapper out of the trash. It had a tiny 5G sticker on it. Not worth my time or trouble to exchange, so I’m giving it to a coworker with a newer iPhone.