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I am looking at buying these for Christmas gifts for my daughters. They currently have a cheap non-smartphone with Verizon that is not available for upgrade until 3/15. If I purchase this phone can I take it to Verizon and switch it with their current phone and contract?


I’m a little confused, the iPhone is unlocked, but for Verizon. So this means I can’t put a different SIM card in it, right? And it’s therefore not so good for traveling?

I’m assuming that you are looking at the iPhone.

You can swap a Verizon phone into your account, but the trick is that in swapping an older “dumb” phone for a new “smart” phone, you’ll need to get a data plan. No way around it, Verizon will make you get the data plan.

The swapping part (phones on same plan type) is easy. All it takes is a few minutes.

It means that it’s a CDMA phone.

Here’s way too much info on GSM vs CDMA.

Woot can sell android phones, but why not android accessories? I can understand cases, because Android phones are different, unlike the



Do yourself a favor, if its a verizon phone, put them on page plus cellular. Its verizon network, for 1/3 to 1/2 the price and no contract.

We have the Samsung Galaxy 4 but CDMA on Verizon. They work well but we’re locked into VZ’s contract for 2 years at $249.99+ per phone. You’re better off this way. Even the iPhone 4, our daughter replaced the glass twice for $100 ea. time. She probably would have been better off buying a deal like these. The iPhone 4 was our last phone, nothing wrong with them. They worked quite well. $220 for a CDMA iPhone 4 is an excellent price.

Just a little advice here - if you’re looking to get an unlocked GSM phone right now, you’re better off getting a Nexus 5 for $350-$400 rather than throwing down 500+ for a Galaxy S4. It’s good stuff.

Why wouldn’t this iPhone 4 work with Tracfone’s “BYOP” program? I think this would be a great way to graduate from basic feature phone to a smartphone at a low monthly, no contract rate ($7/mo). Your Own CDMA Compatible Smartphone 3G - no 4G/LTE

Nexus 5 is an awesome device for the price. But the S4 is no slouch, especially if you replace the stock launcher with a 3rd party launcher like Nova or Apex. The S4 also has a better camera, a removable battery and expandable memory. It all depends on your priorities.

I just put an iphone 4 in my cart and realized thar only standard shipping is available for the iPhones. Anyone know why? I thought Woot offered overnight shipping?

Overnight is only available if it’s shipping out of an Amazon warehouse (our inventory). This is drop shipped directly from the vendor. Sorry.

How are the headphones compatible with everything but the iPhone5?

I’m looking at switching to straight talk and was wondering if the unlocked Iphone 4 would be compatible with their network.

I bought the unlocked iPhone 4 a few Woots ago. Previously, I owned an iPhone 4 on AT&T’s GSM network. Typically GSM phones take a sim card. Phones that work on the Verizon network do not accept sim cards. I have two homes. Couldn’t even get a bar on my AT&T phone in FL, which for the most part, is Verizon territory. I took a one month plan with Verizon through “Kitty Wireless” a PagePlus/Verizon reseller. I now have four or five bars at both homes. My monthly fee went from $79.00 to $27.00 and I am not even coming close to the terms of my pre-paid plan on the PagePlus/Verizon network. If I didn’t need/want a data plan, I could have bought a plan that costs only $19.99 a month. I figure I will save $600/year, unless of course AT&T decides to increase my remaining AT&T services to offset their loss in my wireless services. I do know they will do something to get more $$$ out of me. When I cancelled a second AT&T land-line I saved $28 a month. Six to nine months later, my bill was the same as before the land-line cancellation i.e., they had increased the cost of my remaining services to offset the land-line loss. Time will tell.
If you decide to “bite the bullet” and go with an iPhone on Verizon, I encourage you to check out “Kitty Wireless.” They are a small reseller in Maine and are extremely helpful getting you set-up.

I’m looking at Tracfone. I’ve never had a smartphone and TF offers talk/text/data beginning at $7 a month without a contract. Perfect for my very light use. I’m wondering if this phone will work

Excellent information. We pay for a family plan on Verizon. At 1 time it was well over $300 a month, 2 data members of my family went off on their own and we’re still paying $200 for 2 flip phones, no data 2 Samsung Galaxy 4 with data. VZ is a rip-off but we do get the same 4 to 5 necessary bars. T-Mobile and other plans you could barely get 1 bar where we live in a metropolitan area. Thank you for sharing that information. We’re going to look into it as only 2 of the 4 phones are under contract, another 1 is up Jan. 1. We’re finished with them if we can begin to switch over.

If you get anything from Kitty for a referral send your information and we’ll gladly tell them you referred us or we’ll send ours to you. Thanks for your post.

Call them and check, you might get a nice referral credit on your bill.

Will the Galaxy S4 work with T-Mobile or the Walmart Family Plan?

Unlimited Talk, Text and (somewhat limited) Data is only $40 a month.