Cellucor M5 Extreme 2-in-1 (2 Flavors)

**Item: **Cellucor M5 Extreme 2-in-1 (2 Flavors)
Price: $29.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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The reviews at bodybuilding.com have rated this “excellent”


Let’s learn all about this company

Did some research and looks like you can customize your pre-workout powder (in bottom compartment) by adding your desired energy (in top compartment). This works great for fitness peeps that workout at different times and like to sleep. Seems like a great value. I’m buying. Cheers

Price seems great (even Amazon is $50), and I loved C4, which I just ran out of. All the reviews I have found are great too. In for a few. Let the negative comments from people who are against PWOs and want everyone to know it begin.

This stuff isn’t a miracle drug but it does work well at quite a good price.

Bonus: when you’re done with it the container is cool as hell.

in for 2

Ack I wish I needed preworkout right now but I still have two containers.

Hmm I hope they bring in Cellucor HD next… I’d be in for 3

Also I probably should have mentioned

I have used C4 and the NO3 on separate occasions both are totally awesome.

C4 really provides a great burst of energy and decent pump, my only note to others is that you should cycle on and off it, not because it’s bad for you, but because if you use it too long its effectiveness drops like a rock. Hence why I have a few other preworkouts, I’d cycle between them

Woot title says 30 servings, ‘Specs’ says 60. Which is it?

Should I get this or drink less beer/eat less chicken wings and lay off the fresh-baked Italian bread?

I wish we would stop using bodybuilding.com as the standard of supplement reviews. Half the people reviewing that stuff are getting free samples or paid to write the reviews.

How about: Supplementreviews.com

Reviews on every supplement you can think of by people who actually know supplements

You are getting 1 can which gives you 30 complete workouts if you follow their directions. They’re correcting the sale now.

Thanks for asking!

The only thing that all of this stuff does for you is empty your wallet!

It still amazes me how many people think these unregulated supplements actually help them.

You have no idea what is actually in them or if their servings are correct because none of it is FDA approved. I could basically start a supplement company today in my garage and put fruit punch flavored baking soda in a bottle with a kick butt label and sell it as the next great muscle grower.

Save your money. Eat food, use a protein powder if you need extra protein, work out hard and get sleep.

This is coming from a former Division 1 athelete (almost Olympic qualifier) turned weight lifter pushing well over 425lbs on the bench clean with no bench shirt. You dont need this crap!

But hell is hot, not…

[/shows self out]

I just wish there were a “like” button on some of these posts.

perhaps this would have helped you qualify… wink wink

Nope. I used to try all this stuff. Believe me when I tell you it is 95% marketing. They don’t need to prove anything. I have done plenty of research on this stuff. There are documentaries on it as well you can watch which would make you slap your forehead. Creatine Monohydrate and Whey Protein can help since they are found in food / are food. The rest of this “energy” stuff is nothing more then caffeine disgused as “super pump formula” lolol

Good god I just started taking Creatine about 10 days ago. I came home from work last night and opened the front door so hard the hinges came off. I tried to poke my food with a fork but the fork bent and broke the table in half. When I went to the bathroom I lifted the toilet seat so hard the toilet ripped off the floor. When the plumber came I tried to point to the pipes but accidently grazed him with my finger. Poked a clean hole through his abdomen.

Love the stuff!

Anyway, I’ll give this a try since I don’t have anything for pre-workout. Just to experiment.