Sort of want this more as a wallpaper than a t-shirt.

wha… that’s my favorite outfit! How serendipitous! I can wear a shirt about a girl wearing what I love to wear!

So much style in this one-- I’m happy to see it print. Congrats, Kaseyfleming!

congrats Kasey!

oh thank god

Is the middle finger actually blurred out like that on the shirt itself, or just on the site?

I am self censoring by not buying this, no matter how much I appreciate the artwork. I have a 5 year old who already makes too many ‘wee wee’ jokes.

Reminds me a bit of Jet Set Radio Future. Anybody remember that awesome game?

Voted for it, guess that means I gotta buy it. Also stickin’ it to THE MAN. The robot man, in this case.

Is that little girl riding a tactical flying Hot Pocket?

Maybe it’s just me, but I think it looks like she is riding a pickle.


More revealing than a Rorschach: very phallic.

Now that I really look at the design, I can see the robot. Before it looked like she was riding a white cucumber in a pot with a machine gun.

I really love how the pixelated censor works into the design. Very nice. Glad this printed.


The artwork is great - lots of talent there.

But is the robot suppose to look like a pickle or an, ahem, giant uncircumcised penis? Is there some sort of deeper meaning or statement here?

Given how this derby went, I’m really glad we got the top three that we did. Three great designs!

O thank Jebus. I’ll take pissed off girlie riding overly phallic robot over the wretched bunny invasion any day! Lovely composition, adore the colors used~

Summon… mecha-cactuar!