Center Point Mountable Video Cam

obligatory Russia comment

Does anybody know if this comes with a car mount or if there’s one available for it?

$99.99 at Amazon:

Found the manufacturer’s page.

They mention real guns, but barely.

Will this only operate via the installed battery or can it take something like a CR123?

Haven’t been able to find a review anywhere for this camera. Either it’s brand new or nobody’s buying it.

Owner’s manual doesn’t mention being able to remove the battery.

Can this be used to find out who keeps stealing my hot pockets at work?

i am SHOCKED not to see a Texas sale yet…or Arizona…

Yes. And just to be safe, I would mount it on top of a rifle rigged to shoot the person taking your hot pockets.

I wonder if this could handle the unique vibrations created by a spring piston air rifle like the TR77 that keeps popping up on woot. Spring piston rifles have been known to destroy scopes not designed for them. Also, how do you aim with a video camera taking the place of your sights?

I suspect ROGETRAY.

I was thinking I would mount it on the side rails of my Beretta CX4, but I’m pretty sure this camera can’t handle it.

They’re delicious! Can you blame me?!
My favorite is the Cheeseburger one.

These are amazing at showing you were you are screwing up at the range. A great learning device.

But as you say I think your Berretta would shake it to pieces.

I would also like to know if there is an adapter to place on a car…

I have a contour gps cam and i usually use it when i go offroading with my truck

heres a video

If there is a car mount im in for three so i can mount them in different angles without switching them all the time!!!

I don’t know what the size of the threading is on the back of the camera, but this could work if compatible.

I think it has a builtin battery which can be charged using a USB cable.

This is perfect for my paintball gun which has a picatinny rail BUT I only play once a year LOL