CenterPoint Mountable Video Action Cam

If i mount this to a rifle, will it break immediately?

Too bad this isn’t HD. Not even 720p.

Lots of comments from when this was offered a few weeks ago

bought it last time around - Functions well as designed. The only issue is the picture is terrible. I made it a helment mount so it would see what I see, but the images were blurry almost as if it didnt capture each frame fast enough. The only battery is the internal one charged up by a mini usb cable (provided) and you must provide your own miniSD card (up to 32gb)

When you say terrible… pix?

I wish I new also.

I would suspect much like the last sale this camera was not meant for real guns and rifles.

Crazy this is being offered. i was just at the range thinking out loud how cool it would be if there was a camera inside the scope. this will not cut it though will it.

it would be great to review the video after targets were gone though, to revisit the mistakes and repeat the perfect shots.

this things barely going to see as well as anyone standing next to you as you shoot though. and from hundreds of yards - that would not be any fun to re watch at all.

Center point makes some pretty fair lower cost scopes. i wonder if it would be possible to make one with a camera inside that can see what the shooter sees. That would be really cool. especially on the hunt.

The camera is designed for Airsoft and Paintball markers.

I will forward your idea to the design team at CenterPoint.

The camera is designed for Airsoft and Paintball markers.

You must have gotten a bad one, there is video of someone using theirs with a airsoft rifle on Youtube and the picture quality looked pretty decent. I’m sure if its mounted to a bike or something vibrating its not going to look good but on shooting that rifle it looked good enough, could be used on a bow also i’m sure. Audio sounded decent also.

I have a spare 3x magnifier for a red dot I wonder if you could mount it in front of the camera.

Here’s the only thing I found on YouTube for this mounted to a paintball marker.

Hi, goffer77. I remember you from the last sale. We ask that company reps identify themselves and say howdy proper like.

Would you please introduce yourself? People might be more comfortable asking questions that way.


THAT is a terrific shame.

Great find, but the final video looks pretty much unusable unless you just want your memory to be refreshed about your shooting event. Boo, so much for that.

I was thinking the same thing. With the price being so reasonable I’d like to find a way to attach it to the stabilizer on my bow or any place on my bow to capture the hunt. I’m sure there are products out there but not for this price. If anybody has any thoughts, I’m open to suggestions.

You can make or cobble together a mount pretty easily - check out your local airsoft store for mounting solutions for railed accessories like scopes or mounts. I’m going to put together a mount for the bill of a baseball cap with the same idea in mind. Here’s a plastic rail section with mounting hardware for 8 bucks and free shipping - Magpul MOE rail at

For long distance recording, you’re goung to want a spotting scope with a video camera mount. They’re out there, but they’re pretty pricey. Many of the smaller digital cameras will produce acceptable video with a low end spotter, though. This camera is more for on-body. on-vehicle or on-gun mounting. Yeah, there are much better units out there - at several to many times the price of this one. If you have a railed forend on a rifle you can place a magnifier in front of this camera for zoom capability, and if you zero all your optics to the same point of impact, the camera will see what your eye sees through the scope, minus the reticle (unless you want to mount a second scope on the rifle. That’s doable, but ungainly - and again, expensive).