CenterPoint Mountable Video Action Cam

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**Item: **CenterPoint Mountable Video Action Cam
Price: $19.99
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I got one a few months ago when it was on Woot, strapped it on my paintball gun and headed out to the field. If everything was perfectly still this would be a great camera. Unfortunately that’s rarely the case when playing most sports and the videos I shot look more like they were filmed with a time lapse security camera rather than a camera that claims to be 30fps. Also the controls are on the right side of the camera meaning if your’re right handed you have to use your trigger hand to turn the camera on and off and completely flip the gun over to see the status LED. Had they been on the other side it could be turned on and off with out even having to move my hand from the foregrip. As for pros the rail mount is actually pretty solid and it did stand up to getting hit with a paintball but thats about it. I don’t think it was worth the $30 I paid for it and i really doubt I would pay $20 if I knew what I know now.

Anybody have any input on this thing being used as, say, a dash cam in a car?

Just get an 808 keychain camera for $7 at

I’ve looked at those, but they only record up to 60 minutes continuously.

Check out this single perfect review over at amazon

How long before Woot pays us to take these cameras?

So…would this actually hold up on a real gun or just fall apart with the recoil? Say on an evil AR :slight_smile:

I ask because most Center Point products are garbage. Every Center Point scope I ever got that was included with an air gun you just took off and threw away. The optics were so wavy and bad you couldn’t use it.

Thats what I was begining to think! I bet they have a warehouse full they cant get rid of! Maybe if thet sold them for cost (not more than $2.50 I hope) they could get rid of them and then sell us things we would be willing to pay for instead of showing tnese twice a month hopefully thinking we had forgotten about them! Heck, they probably couldnt sell these in China to film the sweatshops they were made in!

i am going to mount this to my mt Bike FTW

“2x zoom” Optical or digital?

I purchased one on the last round Woot sold it, paid $25. All I can really say is…Meh. The video quality is not great, I attached it to a Ruger 10/22 for testing. Is it worth $20…Sure just don’t have high expectations. I plan on using it for competition shooting at the range on the 10/22. It picks up what is going on just fine, just not in to much detail…

The zoom is pretty much worthless…

will this mount on a M4 rail system?

I got one of these a couple months ago and used it in conjunction with a PlanetBike bicycle clamp.
The Weaver Style Mount on the base of the CenterPoint Cam has a small block in it that can easily be removed with a screwdriver, thereby making it perfectly compatible with the bike mount.
The Cam is decent, as stated, 720p. Even when I am moving pretty fast, the image is pretty steady.
Agreed the DIGITAL Zoom is pretty worthless, the image you get isn’t well interpolated.
Agreed that, after the first few charge/discharges (which I am very careful about), you have to charge it every day to get about 1 1/2 hours out of it. I ride a little more than an hour every day, so that works well.
I really use it to have a record of an accident, if one occurred and it works perfectly for that.
Can not be beaten for the price. Buy 3, sell the other 2 for $34.95 and get it for FREE plus POCKET $5!!!

Ouch, that hurt. That really hurt.

Judging by the YouTube video above, looks like the perfect camera for capturing UFO footage :-/

“Buy Once, Cry Once”

It’s really cool when you can capture footage like these cameras are designed to capture but most just do not do it well and leave you wanting something better.
Don’t waste your money on these things as they will do nothing but disappoint you.

I picked up a GoPro Hero3 Black (despite many negative reviews on Amazon) and it has been freaking awesome. Attach it to your rail using a StrikeMark Cantilever Mount and you are left with absolutely outstanding footage.

It’s more money, yes… but I paid the fee and wont have to look any further.