Centon 128GB DataStick Sport

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Just me or is this a hell-of-a deal? Backup my entire Surface on my keychain for ~$60? Seems reasonable :slight_smile:

The read/write speeds are less than half of a decent USB 2.0 flash drive, but if you really need the storage space on a flash drive, it’ll work.

To fill it up, it would take roughly 3 1/2 hours at its claimed write speed!

You can also buy it at http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=3231980 for the same price.

Doesn’t seem like a great deal to me. Is the same price at Walmart.

I’m waiting till it’s $0.25/GB. Slowly but surely, it’s moving there.

Technically it’s actually cheaper there, since it has free shipping.

I would be charged $4.35 in taxes if I bought it from TD because they have stores in my state(We only charge tax in FL, IL, NC, TX, GA, SD and ID). I would be spending much more in time & gas instead of paying for it here with shipping.

Slow speeds. Would only be good for archiving unless you like staring at file moving animations. Would also probably be a nightmare trying to stream movies off this onto a media player.

Actually this may make a decent ReadyBoost drive because I think the maximum amount for Windows 7 is 256GB. Dunno if the read/write speed even applies there much.

but there’s tax if you live in fla

I guess I should have added if this is the only thing you buy from Woot, as you’d be paying the $5 shipping charge on top of this. And .65 saved is still something. Everything counts, right?

EDIT: Being in TX I’d be paying taxes either way, as well.

Ok, fine. You win! Did you hear me!?!? You win!!

The price has been lowered to $52.99.

If you already purchased, you’ll be refunded the difference automagically. Expect a love letter from CS probably on the next business day.

Now you better go buy 3. Seriously, people!

I hate to sound repetitive but I can’t recommend these drives.

There’s a known issue with them becoming permanently write protected and it’s pretty widespread.
(Google “centon usb write protected”.)
Centon even has a FAQ page for this problem.

Which didn’t work for me and I had to RMA my drive.

LOL at the FAQs: “Be sure to click the correct drive – you DO ****NOT want to format the wrong drive.” :slight_smile:

The Centon Rush 128GB is only on Google Shopping one place, and it’s $106 delivered there.

Quite a upcharge for USB 3.0, and you also lose the waterproofiness and such for sake of appearance - and so there’s no longer a cap to lose.

Google Shopping > Flash Drives > Over 64GB: This particular one is #1 Most Popular.

That is of course until 6 months down the line you cannot read the data and it reports itself as write protected. Then you think, “Gee online backup is less than $10 per month and I can actually read my data after 6 months.” Search the internet like I didn’t before I bought one. These WILL fail!

Nothing but bad experiences with Centon 64 GB (bought on Woot!), including slow speed and DOA.

Maybe i’m lucky! I have the 64 gig and two 8 gigs of the same model, used regularly for a year or more. There has been no read/write issues. The only issue that I have had is that the rubber case on the 64 gig had expanded and I had to double stick tape the drive back into it, the cap hangs on, barely…but as far as function, they’ve all been just fine!

I’ll NEVER buy another Centon drive. Bought one of the 64G drives a few months ago. It became write protected on its second use. I sent it back via their replacement program. The new one failed on its first use. Trashed it and promised myself NEVER again.