Centon 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive

Time to check out the product page

Putting aside some very mediocre reviews on Amazon for the 64 GB model (there are no reviews on the 128 GB) the price there is $42.36 with free (and faster) shipping under Prime - thus a wee bit less expensive. What’s up when the parent sells it for cheaper than its “deal site” child?

Gotta pass on this one!

[MOD EDIT] Amazon only has a qty of 2 left.

Me 2!

Woot, can you offer top brands like Samsung, SanDisk, or Kingston media? From time to time, maybe once a month, Amazon offers deals on SanDisk media. Groupon has deals on Samsung media, which I consider better than SanDisk (which is partly owned by Toshiba).

I don’t like the SanDisk slider USB sticks as the slider mechanism is a point of failure (have had SanDisk sliders fail on me), and SanDisk doesn’t seem to offer any non-slider USB sticks. So I am open to an alternative.

I have one of these from the last time they were up… I used it to transfer files from an old laptop to a new one, some 4 or 5gigs.
So, other than the fact it got a bit warm during the transfer, it worked well…

I planned on using it to store movies to play on my Nexxus 7, but haven’t got around to it…



The read and write speeds for Centon drives is really poor. Check out Amazon for drives by Kingston with read and write speeds 3X faster. You pay more, but there is no point in having a USB3 thumb drive that reads and writes at less than USB2 speeds.

I got 2 of these last time (maybe 64G ones) they go bad every other time i put them in my laptop and take out. Doesn’t matter if I do “safely remove hardware” or not. Probably I’m doing something wrong but I never had such issues with other flash drives.

Lots of better options on the mothership at better prices. Just to many folks having problems with these Centon drives.

I got one of these a couple months ago and it had worked flawlessly:


Excellent reviews plus with prime it’s $5 cheaper. Did not test transfer speeds but it is significantly faster than a 64gb 2.0 drive I have.

Glad I found the comments and read through them before I jumped on this deal.

This is $42.36 & FREE Shipping at Amazon, so if Woot is charging $5 for shipping, then Amazon is cheaper if you subscribe to their PRIME Amazon. Plus if you do, then it is guaranteed thru Amazon. I always compare thru Newegg and Amazon.

Me 2! Better deal thru Amazon just because of their free shipping back and guarantees.

I will NEVER buy anything REFURBISHED, so WOOT!, if you keep selling refurbished items, I will never buy.

This USB is not refurbished, I just wanted Woot to know this about ANY products they sell that are refurbished.

May I retort?

My TiVo, my TV, my rokus, my two Shark Navigator vacs, my Samsung BluRay player (web enabled) my DVR extender, my knock-around built-like-a-tank Dell business of-lease Intel Dual-Core laptop, my Nexus 7 tab, my 2
Chris Freytag Stir Crazy 6 Quart Corn Poppers, my…well…you get the idea. We beg to differ. :slight_smile:

I have to agree with this. If you shy from Refurb items you are really selling yourself short. often times refurbs go through more rigorous QA then the ones coming off the line. You often can’t tell the difference and it’s cheaper. what’s not to like. and hey if you still don’t like refurbs. no biggie, more cheap stuff for the rest of us.

on the USB:
I got one of these last time it was up here, the space is nice. the speed isn’t as fast as the sandisk extreme drives (Probably the best drive on the market at the moment) but the the guy saying they are as slow as a 2.0 drive is bonkers. The drive FEELS premium it’s brushed metal (I think it’s aluminum but can’t say for sure). All that said I’ve got 2 complaints:
0.)the cap has no preservation mechanism. While it’s very snug on the drive I’m not worried it’s going to come off by itself. the fact it’s not tethered to the drive makes me worry I will lose it.
1.)because of the design of the par that goes in the port the drive will not register if pushed all the way in on some ports. it’s hard to describe in words but I’ll try. because the part inside the port is open at the back some usb ports that also have open design(Like the ones on my daskeyboard) can allow the drive to go in too far and allow the contact to not connect. the problem is easily remedied by pulling the drive out just a bit but if you do what I did and plug it in to a slot that’s open all the way when you first get it, it will a pear not to work.

It’s also worth mentioning these things have a lifetime warranty. the “big names” are usually between 1 and 2 years tops on flash drives (again except for the sandisk extremes).

Overall I’m happy to have a flash drive that’s half the size of my OS SSD on my machine at home. that I payed less than 50$. it’s not a bad buy but like others have said check the mother ship first, because of Woot’s shipping charge.

You’ve been on here 7 years and have bought less than 10 items,don’t think the problem has anything to do with refurbs !!!

I received my shipment and they sent a 64 not 128. (Thank you Woot for taking care of this.)

I recently took a look and noticed the unit I received was only 32 GB. Everybody who ordered this should check what they received closely. I’m currently in communication with Woot Customer Service to try to find a reasonable solution.