Centon 1TB SATA III 2.5" SSD

Centon 1TB SATA III 2.5" SSD

Is this compatible with HP Envy laptop?

Tempting, but this brand appears to have a terrible reputation for poor durability. Lots of dead drives reported on Amazon.

I’m having a tough time finding any other reviews on it aside from a pretty basic blog that doesn’t offer much (though it may at least be a fast drive) and a website my browser stated might be trying to steal something from me.

Buyer beware.


Arrived DOA. Would not recommend.

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These drives are garbage do not waste your money and lose valuable data with this crap. Look at the similar drive reviews on Amazon.

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As posted several times already the quality and reliability of these drives is suspect at best. Always back up your data!!!

SSD prices are looking great this holiday season, however if you are able to wait into 2019- SSD prices are expected to fall even further (Some sites estimate as low as 6 cents per GB)

Aside from Centon’s reputation, I actually don’t trust Woot’s history with this kind of thing either. After repeatedly receiving used devices sold as new by Woot (including an SSD), I view their electronics deals with extreme skepticism. They don’t vet their third-party vendors very well.

TERRIBLE reviews. Surprised that Woot even entertains selling this to us.

I would stay away from using these in the Envy or any other computer for that matter. I had two of these fail on me within a 6 month period. Especially since opening an Envy is a royal pain to swap out drives. I would definitely tell you to avoid these like the plague.

Check out the spec sheet.

They put the wrong data up on this one. only 540/420 MB/s and 1 year warranty.
The specs they put up look like the new 3D NAND.

I never post until I have a good experience for a decent time or a bad experience (i.e. after trying to resolve an issue w/ woot / the manuf.).

I got three of these, all three are alive and kicking without issue. Maybe 4 - not sure where I put that one though. It was so inexpensive that instead of getting uber-expensive microSD cards, I just got this and a case for my SBC setup. BTW - it’s doing great there too. So one in my desktop, one in my laptop and one in my SBC case. I’m familiar w/ all three main OS variants and have the correct FS, and FS options chosen and so far so good.

I also haven’t had any issues and I’d be very suspect of who says what without details. Most all of these chips are fab’d by a few big players so without knowing how or why they failed, it doesn’t mean the brand is at fault. You know, like people who defrag SSD’s or use non enterprise SSDs in RAID-5 or something. But the only time a Centon product failed on me was when a toddler chewed my SD Card I got off here a few years ago.

I know it’s late but … I didn’t want to pre-emptively post. For some reason, they’re also well priced w/ the same tech as other static storage solutions. So if any of you see this type of a deal again - from someone who held out for a good price, these were a great deal and are doing perfectly fine in a consumer setting.

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