Centon 1TB SATA III 2.5" SSD

Centon 1TB SATA III 2.5" SSD

This drive gets some of the worst reviews of any SSD I’ve researched. Good luck.

How much is your data worth to you?


I agree. That’s the first thing I looked at.


The description doesn’t help either.

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I dunno, they claim their MTBF is higher than Intel and Samsung. These must be surplus NASA stock or something. :yawning_face:

I was thinking of buying one for my DVR (Tablo), but a quick search finds the company saying that any decent 5400rpm drive will be able to handle most demands. And I’ve got plenty of those thanks to other Woot sales. (And the one I’ve got on my Tablo is holding up fine.) Sooooo… pass.

Cheaper and better.

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The moment a drive dies on you, you realize that you should have plunked down that extra $20/$50/$100…

And two days later, when your cloud backup is fully restored (you DID pay for that, right?), you realize how much your time is really worth.

More than this drive.

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The kicker is that the price difference isn’t even that much; in this case, the aforementioned Adata with very decent reviews costs less.

In any case, at least prices for all SSDs have been coming down. I’m not sold on QLC yet, though the same hesitation applied for SLC > MLC, and MLC > TLC too.