Centon 32GB Class 10 SDHC Card

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Centon 32GB Class 10 SDHC Card
$29.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Man, if this were a 32gb MicroSD, I’d jump on 3 in a heartbeat.


$84.05 for 32GB Centon Class 4 version on Amazon.

Wow this is good.

$39.99 at Microcenter

$38.99 but OOS at Newegg

Amazon $51

Please sell out soon so I am not tempted all day tomorrow…

Does anyone know what the max speed of those is? Class 10 indicates the minimum speed that the card should achieve, but what’s the maximum? Any tests?

I’m in for 1! This will be great for my Nikon.

Product Website

$51 at Amazon

No it isn’t, it’s about $5-$8 off most places I just found.

(Micro Center/Newegg)

Apparently this is NOT A CLASS 10 SDHC.


Owners are reporting that it is either a Class 4, or a Class 10 w/ Class 4 equivalent speeds.

Never really heard of issues with different brands of SD cards. Only real problem you might have is physical toughness. As long as you keep it safe it should do what you need it to. Looks cheap as well.

$51.39 plus $120 shipping? Wow… must be really, really, really heavy, and super bubble wrapped.

I dont trust this company. My father bought a 2gb one from walmart for a digital picture frame, and it wouldnt recognize it. Multiple other devices wouldnt recognize it either, only a few things would. So be wary.

Whats this brand’s reliability like compared to Transcend or SanDisk Ultra?

I bought 2 and would have bought 3 but my options were limited to 1 or 2. Still These are going to fit in some wild game camera’s very nicely.

Same item looks to be $43.99 at Buy.com:


So it’s a good deal in that regard. But still, what would I need a 32gb SD card for?

The reviews on Amazon are not so great if you plan on using this for HD anything…