Centon 32GB Class 10 SDHC Card

$39 at Newegg, although they are out of stock. Not sure what is up with this class 4 on amazon. that price is rediculous

Don’t know much about these types of cards, are these Wii compatible?

In case you’re wondering what the “class 10” means (and whether it really makes any difference at all), here’s a brief explanation.

Yeah. Plus Newegg has shipping at $5.99 so it’s essentially $45.

In case anyone wants to know, the Class 10 means it operates at 10mbps minimum.

Ugh, this is $30 I don’t need to spend. But. So many photos.

Apparently the Class 6 Centon SDHC card has a history of fraud according to this amazon review.

I have a 16gb for my 1080 cam and I still cant fill it with 2 batteries fully charged.

Class 10 = 10 MB/s transfer speed according to the wiki

the disclaimer is that actual results may vary from quoted speed

I paid that much for the 16 GB version at Frys. In fact, Frys has this same 32 GB card for $43, so I’m in for one; it’ll be nice to have an extra memory card (and a bigger one) for my JVC camcorder. Oh, and I’ve been using the 16 GB card for about 3 months and haven’t had any problems, once I formatted it correctly in the camcorder.


Yes, but only if your Wii console runs (or you update it to) Wii Menu 4.0. See here.

And woots is $5. Woot’s price is better, I’d def get it here if I needed one. Just a price point for comparison

Either that, or amazon is really, really, really out of its freaking mind. Wait, isn’t woot! part of amazon now?

Hmmm… well reviews on the class 6 model on Amazon seem to indicate that the card can’t handle what many cameras throw at it due to questionable performance.

Seeing as this is the class 10… and reviews on that model are not coming up on searches… and as I actually want to get what I’m recording the first and likely only time… I’m sticking to something more mainstream for my memory needs!

Keep in mind that few devices can actually use the Class 10’s full speed. I own an 8gb Class 10 card and it’s no faster than my Class 6 cards. At worst, I’ve actually heard about compatibility problems.

this would be beyond epic if it was micro… :sadface:

Please note these negative reviews are all speed based, and are for the Class 6 card, not the Class 10 woot is selling which should not have the same speed issues. Amazon doesn’t seem to have the class 10. Of course class 6 should be good enough, so its worth noting they may be being optimistic with their ratings.

People keep posting amazon links to a different card. This one is clearly labeled as a Class 10, not a Class 6. Ignore these amazon links that people keep posting unless they state Class 10.

They’re all bad review saying the Class 6 is being read as a Class 4…which you should not have a problem with as this is a different card.

I’m sure they’ve been sued over that false advertising plenty already.

From what I’ve been reading the class system is 10 ways isn’t screwed up. Class 4 & 6 cards have better specs, and perform better than Class 10 standards. Class 10s that perform the equivikant of class 4’s. It’s all over the map.

It seems to just depend on what the manufacturer feels like doing at the time. The more you spend, usually the better performance in reads AND writes.

That being said, I’m pretty sure the only thing to qualify something in a specific class is the Read speed alone, and the cheaper the price the more the Write doesn’t make the cut. Tom’s Hardware couldn’t even find a pattern on cards they tested, and testing seems to be the only sure way to know what you got.

Now for Video recording of high-burst camera use? Have to check around for reviews on how it persorms, it’s the nature of the lack of standard.

I am so glad i didn’t buy one yesterday for 35 bucks of eBay class two card. woot is awesome.

  • Fast rating, very good price for a card with this much storage. Should hold several hours (up to 8) of Hi-Def video. For those that can expand their MP3 player with a SDHC card, this is a cheap way to add a ton of room.

(?) Not great reviews on Amazon and Newegg. Complaints of slower than rated speed for the class 4 & 6 versions of this card. Might have better luck with this class 10 – and for the price might be worth a try. But with as many negative reviews as there are I personally wouldn’t trust my once-in-a-lifetime vacation photos to this brand.