Centon 32GB Memory Cards

Looks like everyone bought the thumb drives in the last Woot but was not inspired by the cards, so we have more today?

idk… i was more inspired when there was free shipping

From what I understand this brand is pretty shoddy quality wise.


Probably better suited for a BOC

I won’t be buying one…

Better to spend another $2.51 here and get an card that you know won’t have issues with data recovery:


I don’t know what it’s worth but of all the 20+ USB sticks I’ve owned over the years the only one that failed was the lone Centon.

That said they’re probably fine for things that are non-critical.

Sounds to me like the formatting was done/skipped entirely in the manufacturing process:

BONUS: Best Nerd-Pun in the review above. Go check it out.

Back when I used to buy stuff from Fry’s Electronics, centon was like their “house brand.”

And, it was worse than the usual Fry’s garbage, if that is possible!

NOTICE!! Fry’s Food, and Fry’s Electronics are NOT related companies! They were at one time, but no longer. I still spend my hard-earned cash at Fry’s Food, and will continue to, even though I work at another grocery store. (My store does not sell “adult beverages.” Fry’s food does.)