Centon 32GB USB 2.0 10 Pack

Centon 32GB USB 2.0 10 Pack

Looks like these are COMPLETE GARBAGE and false advertising:


For what it’s worth, the corresponding Amazon listing is this:


Although oddly enough, Woot IS selling the one which you referenced:


Ah you’re right. Centon seems like a highly untrustworthy, bad company though.

Strange that there’s only one review for that listing from 2017, probably a fake review. And the lone review is for a 50 pack of 64 gb sticks, not a 10 pack of 32 gb.

What about it is false advertising?

  • Ships bulk in plastic Bag - an excellent value

Everyone knows bulk shipping in a plastic bag is not an excellent value. On the contrary, it’s a cost-savings method which decreases the value of the product the consumer receives. It would be more more valuable if they were shipped in individual retail packaging in nice, sturdy boxes.

I’ll personally package and box them for you. Will $100 each be a good price?

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No. $100 is not an excellent value. More false advertising. :w_happy2:

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Yeah, but those boxes melt in the rain after they’ve been drop kicked into my hostas by a suspiciously cheerful UPS person.