Centon 64GB DataStick Sport



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Centon 64GB DataStick Sport
$29.99 + $5 Standard OR $7 Two-Day OR $11 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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64 GB thumb drive… dang what’s next? Plus, these memory devices seem to be labeled “sold out” by the end of the woot day. Just sayin’




i had two of these crap out on me not 2 weeks after i got them from here. buyer beware.


I have one of these. It works. Not much more one can really say about this sort of thing.

Interesting. Cake eater posted his comment a fraction of a second before I posted mine. Evidently there is more that can be said. I stand corrected.


Does this have one of those “undeletable” partitions that you cannot remove, or is it simply a “drive” that. An be partitioned as the user sees fit?


Got one on here last time. Crapped out third time I used it, all lost. Beware…


Got this not too long ago the last time if was on. Works great! Love the awesome space so I can watch all my hd videos on my Samsung led tv with the USB plug in. Really
Contemplating purchasing another one!


I have one myself. Works good, so far. I only just got around to using it. Thanks to Woot, I have piles of unopen boxes that I need time to sort through and see what I bought. :smiley:


bought 2 of these last time around and they are still working fine. speeds are random but they are good for my purposes.


This thing died literally 3 days after arriving from woot a month ago. Really bad for ubuntu, was better for windows, because despite windows 7 complaining about errors, it mostly still read it. But still have to format from time using windows formatter. Not worth it.


This drive is slower than molasses running downhill. And, they last about as long as an experiment in a particle accelerator.


While 64 GB of flash drive maybe enticing, I would look to see how people like their other flash drives. Based what I’ve seen on Newegg, none of their flash drives received higher the 1/5 eggs. Buyer Beware.


At this size, I’d love for it to be a USB 3 flash drive.


(1) Flash memory used to sell for more than $1/GB. Why is it now below $.50/GB? This is true for thumbdrives/SD cards and soon for SSD.

(2) Rotating disk drives were higher from the Thai flood. They now/sometimes approach $.043/GB in 2TB chunks again. Why?


Mine actually crapped out on me today. Got an error message “the Disk can not be written because it is write protected”. I’ve been trying to save about 15GB of lost data using flash recovery software. FYI, the “sport” part of the flash drive is just a rubber sleeve that fits over a standard flash drive.


Sorry for the problem. Remember this has a Lifetime warranty through Centon.


I like the guy mountain biking on the package cover…when i am involved in rough and rugged activities, I like to stop and share some data from my stick.


That’s what he said…

lol I don’t want one, but as a response to the “lifetime warranty” the only thing that is helpful for is getting a new USB stick to mess up and then getting another one to mess up and continuing the pattern forever. It doesn’t bring back any of the data that gets lost.