Centon 64GB DataStick Sport



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Centon 64GB DataStick Sport
$29.99 + $5 Standard OR $7 Two-Day OR $11 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Popular deal.


using this right now to save my map for when I go home after work. Pretty decent stuff, works great with my PS3.


USB 2.0 is just too slow for a stick this size.


woot! PortableApps and Pendrivelinux!
Horray Yumi!


I bought one of these and it lasted 10 days and now is unreadable. I transferred all of my data onto it and had not yet backed it up. Lost everything. Sent it to data recovery, the chip is too new to read. Buy with caution!


Every time they put up Centon brand flash memory on Woot! I see tons of horror stories about how it is unreliable.

The reviews on other sites are similar.


Can someone explain how to get rid of the white background on the map pieces. I’m trying to connect the pieces and the white part covers up the rest of it. I’m using GIMP by the way.


3MB/sec. Ehh, no.


use the ‘magic wand’ in the toolbox, and click on the white part. It should select all the white. Then hit ‘delete’ (on the keyboard) and you should be good.


I’m finally going to buy one of these. They’ve popped up so often, I figure: why not?

It’s nice to see flash drives on Woot again - there was a long period where I wasn’t finding any to replace the failed 16GB Kingston I bought.


I couldn’t agree more. Anything greater than 16GB and you’ll be spending all of your time waiting for the data transfer to complete.

I never buy anything greater than 8GB in USB 2 format.


3 Mb/sec… Would take almost 6 hours to fully write to or read from this stick. Just so you know.




It is totally irresponsible of WOOT to offer this. I bought this from WOOT in the past and it failed in a similar way


Bought 2. 1 lasted less than 1 day. Would not buy.


Must be a reason there’s a surplus. Woot probably got them for a 2 bucks a piece.


“Built with a water resistant and shock silicon resistant case, this drive is guaranteed to keep your important data safe”

… n.b. Not a guarantee.


That would still be overpaying by at least $3.